ActiveSG Credits for Children

(4-12 years old)


ActiveSG Credits for Children

(4-12 years old)

ActiveSG Credits for Children

(4-12 years old)

ActiveSG Credits for Children

(4-12 years old)


During the Committee of Supply (COS) debate on 6 March (Monday), Minister for Culture, Community and Youth Edwin Tong announced that children aged four to 12 who are Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents will receive an extra $100 of ActiveSG credits in their accounts on May 1.

Children aged 4-12 years old will receive additional $100 ActiveSG credits to enjoy an active and sporting lifestyle. They will have more opportunities to pursue their sporting passion beyond school.


ActiveSG members in this age group will automatically receive the top-up on May 1, 2023. Non-ActiveSG members (aged 4-12) who sign up as a new member between May 1 and Oct 31, 2023, will receive a total of $200* ActiveSG credits.


What can ActiveSG credits be used for?

  • Gym and Pool entry
  • Facility booking
  • Programme sign-up*

*ActiveSG credits can be used to pay up to 50% of the programme fee. Terms and conditions apply.

Check out the programmes here.


All eligible ActiveSG supplementary accounts will receive the credit top-up from May 1, 2023 onwards.


If your child’s supplementary account has not been verified, you are highly encouraged to verify this as soon as possible to qualify for the credits.


How to verify your account:

  1. In person: Visit your nearest ActiveSG Sport Centre with a copy of your child’s birth certificate or school smartcard.
  2. Virtual: Contact any ActiveSG Sport Centre to arrange for a tele-verification session via Microsoft Teams.

    Do ensure the information in both parent and child's accounts are correct and complete (including non-compulsory fields). Incomplete profile of your child will result in a delay of credits issuance.


Shortlisted applicants will be invited to submit a detailed proposal to be evaluated based on the following:

  1. Business and Capability Development
    1. What is the extent your business might be transformed through your solution, and how would your solution create added value for consumers?
    2. Why is your solution relevant for sport and why does the industry need it?

  2. Market Sensing, Readiness and Impact
    1. Are you able to identify your addressable and target market?
    2. How might your solution help attract new clients or business opportunities, and what are your plans for adoption?

  3. Innovation
    1. How much does it improve the consumers life or experience with sport?
    2. What is the extent the solution challenges or changes the status quo in the sport market?

  4. Risk Management
    1. How able are you to see through the development of your proposal from start to end?
    2. How able are you to ensure the longevity of your proposal?

Be a Member

Sign up as an ActiveSG member+ and enjoy:

  1. Priority booking of facilities – 1 day in advance of non-members
  2. Complimentary trial classes
  3. Invitation to exclusive members’ events

+ For Singaporeans and Permanent Residents only 

Sign up via one of the 3 easy ways below for your free ActiveSG membership.

  • ActiveSG App
  • ActiveSG Circle Website
  • ActiveSG Sport Centre Guest Office

Parents can create a supplementary account for their children to get ActiveSG $100 credits. On the ActiveSG mobile app, click on the user icon , and select the 'Me' tab to add child's account. 


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