Technical Support

  • What is the ActiveSG Mobile App?

    ActiveSG Mobile App integrates Singapore's public sports network to provide convenient, real-time access to facilities and programmes for all residents. This app is designed for smartphone users to browse, book and pay for island wide facilities and related services under Sport Singapore's ActiveSG network. 

  • What platforms does the ActiveSG Mobile App support?

    The ActiveSG Mobile App is supported by iOS and Android platforms.

  • Do I have to pay to use ActiveSG Mobile App?

    No, the ActiveSG mobile app is free to download and use.

  • Must I be a Singaporean/PR to use the ActiveSG Mobile App?

    No, anyone can access and use ActiveSG Mobile App to book ActiveSG facilities and sign up for ActiveSG programmes.

  • What is the difference between being an ActiveSG member and a Registered User regarding the booking of ActiveSG facilities?

    ActiveSG members enjoy one day's advance priority booking. They can make bookings up to 15 days in advance. Registered users (or non ActiveSG members) can make bookings up to 14 days in advance.

  • What kind of facilities can I book via ActiveSG Mobile App?

    You can use the ActiveSG mobile app to book ActiveSG facilities such as sports halls, swimming complexes, sports centres, stadiums and fields.

  • Why did my booking expire while I was still logged in to ActiveSG Mobile App?

    There is a time limit of 10 minutes to complete a booking. When this time limit is reached, the incomplete booking automatically expires. You can try again by using the Re-book function.

  • I tried to re-book but could not get the slot I wanted. Why?

    Each booking attempt is subject to slot availability at the time of booking. The slot you wanted may have been taken up by another ActiveSG user.

  • Why am I unable to pay using eWallet?

    You may have entered the wrong eWallet PIN or your eWallet may have insufficient funds to pay for your bookings. You may need to top up the balance in your eWallet.

  • How do I top up my eWallet balance?

    Enter > Login > eWallet > Top Up.

  • Can I change my eWallet PIN?

    Yes, you can change your eWallet PIN any time by tapping the Change PIN link provided.

  • I forgot my eWallet PIN. What should I do?

    You will have to reset your eWallet PIN.

  • How do I reset my eWallet PIN?

    There are 2 options to reset your eWallet PIN:

    • Log-in > eWallet > change PIN > Reset PIN. Once reset, the new PIN will be sent to your email.
    • Reset at the Guest Services Office Show your ID and our staff still assist you to reset your PIN.

  • Can I pay by debit card instead of credit card?


  • Why am I having problems loading ActiveSG Mobile App on my phone?

    Please ensure that you are connected to the Internet because ActiveSG Mobile App requires data to be downloaded from our server. Make sure that your mobile data connection or Wi-Fi is switched on. Also, ensure that ‘Location Services' is turned on for the app in the device settings.

  • How is my location info being used by ActiveSG Mobile App?

    This app uses your current location to give you recommendations on ‘Nearby’. Your current location is not shared with anyone.

  • How can I switch on location detection to enable Location Services?
    • For iOS 5.x
      Settings > Location Services. Ensure that global Location Services is turned on. Ensure that Location Services for ActiveSG is also turned on.
    • For iOS 6.x and above
      Settings > Privacy > Location Services. Ensure that global Location Services is turned on. Ensure that Location Services for ActiveSG is also turned on.
    • For Android v4.4.2
      (For Samsung S4) More > Location . Ensure that Location Services is turned on.
    • For Android v4.4.2
      (For LG Nexus) Personal > Location . Ensure that Location Services is turned on.

  • I can’t detect my current location. My mobile phone says I am in another place. How can I refresh my location?

    Sometimes it could be due to weak network or poor GPS signals and it may take some time before your current location is detected. If this does not work, close and reopen the app. Location services work best outdoors. 

  • How do I check the version of the application?

    From your Home screen, open the Slide Menu. Settings > About ActiveSG. A description of the app is displayed, along with its version number.

  • What is CAPTCHA?

    CAPTCHA is the abbreviation for “Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart.

    It is a simple test usually “inserted” during a process or transaction over the internet that would require usually a simple response from the user. It is a commonly used “test” over the internet.

    Essentially, this test helps determine that it is a “real” person who is going through the process or making the transaction rather than an “automatic system or computer”.

    This test can help to prevent the use of automated softwares from engaging in abusive or unauthorised activities on websites so that it does not hamper the experiences or the convenience of other users.

  • Why is CAPTCHA being used on this website?

    We would like to ensure that your experience, when visiting the ActiveSG website to get more information or to make a booking, remains easy, simple and positive.

    With the CAPTCHA step, we are enhancing our system to better serve all our members. Because it is aimed at helping to prevent the use of automated softwares, this will mean that all members making any booking transactions on our ActiveSG website will have a fair and equal chance. 

  • Why and when will I get CAPTCHA?

    Whenever our system detects that an automated software might have been used to make transactions on our ActiveSG website and apps, CAPTCHA will be activated.

  • How to solve CAPTCHA?

    The CAPTCHA challenge can be in the form of checking a box, entering a phrase or selecting relevant images.

    To solve the CAPTCHA, click on the check box and then on ‘Submit’ button.   
    If a challenge phrase or image selection is shown, key in the characters or select relevant images, click on “Verify” button and then “Submit” button.
  • Why do I get additional CAPTCHA challenges instead of one simple challenge?

    CAPTCHA is a self-generated testing protocol. It may involve additional levels of challenges depending on CAPTCHA’s risk analysis techniques. For instance, if there is additional risk detected, then additional levels of CAPTCHA tests will be requested for the user to go through.

    The ActiveSG website and apps does not have any influence or control over the different levels of challenges to be shown to users.

  • How do I send feedback about ActiveSG?

    Go to Settings. Click on “App feedback”. Enter your comment and click “Send”. User feedback can help us improve, and we welcome suggestions and feedback!

  • How do I contact the ActiveSG App Technical Helpdesk (Mobile Apps and Web Portal)?
    You may send your technical feedback and suggestions to Alternatively, you can contact us at Tel: 3129 2992 (Mon-Sun: 7:00am-10.00pm).