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Registration for ActiveSG Membership

  • Who is eligible for ActiveSG membership?

    ActiveSG membership is open to all Singaporeans and Singapore Permanent Residents (PRs). You must be at least 12 years old to apply for this membership. However, those who are below 12 years old are eligible for supplementary membership, tagged to the accounts of their parents/guardians.


  • How do I register for ActiveSG membership?

    You can register for ActiveSG membership via the following channels:

    • ActiveSG mobile app (available in App Store and Play Store)
    • Website: members.myactivesg.com
    • Register at any Guest Services Office at all ActiveSG Sports Centres and swimming complexes. 

    For enquiries on ActiveSG, you can write in to us via our Online Feedback.

    For technical enquiries, you can contact us at

For supplementary account:

Parents/legal guardians can apply for supplementary membership for children aged below 12 years.

How to verify your account:

    • Visit your nearest ActiveSG Sport Centre with a copy of your child’s birth certificate or school smartcard
    • Contact any ActiveSG Sport Centre to arrange for a tele-verification session via Microsoft Teams

Do ensure the information in both parent and child's accounts are correct and complete (including non-compulsory fields).


  • I am a Permanent Resident (PR) but I had created my ActiveSG account based on my FIN number. Do I have to terminate my FIN account and create a new one?

    No, you do not have to terminate your account as the termination of ActiveSG account is irreversible. You may visit any of the nearest Sports Center to update the citizenship in your ActiveSG account to 'Permanent Resident'. Once that is completed, the 'Retrieve MyInfo' button will appear under 'Me' in your FIN ActiveSG account in the ActiveSG app. You may use that function to verify your ActiveSG account via your PR Singpass.

  • Will I receive my membership card upon successful registration?

    No, there is no membership card issued for ActiveSG membership. Members will enjoy a convenient cardless experience whereby they can utilise their benefits using the downloaded app on their smart phones.

  • How do I verify my ActiveSG membership or supplementary account(s) to receive the ActiveSG $100?

    Verification of ActiveSG membership accounts can be done by logging in to SingPass via members.myactivesg.com. Upon verification, please set your 6 digits eWallet PIN and you will be able to view the complimentary ActiveSG $100 credited into your account.

    Members under 15 years of age (without SingPass accounts) can visit our Sports Centres and produce your student pass/Birth Certificate, or arrange for a video call with our Sport Centres using Microsoft Teams, for verification.

    With effect from 30 Aug 2017, our Sports Centres will no longer perform verification for members aged 15 years and above.

  • Why do I have to verify my ActiveSG membership account?
    In order to enjoy the full suite of exclusive benefits available, you will first have to verify your ActiveSG Membership. You can do so: 
    • by entering your Singpass details on the Site or the App through your ActiveSG Account; or
    • in person at any of our ActiveSG Sports Centres

    Upon successful verification of your ActiveSG Membership, you will be deemed an "ActiveSG Verified Member" and the full suite of exclusive benefits will be available to you. 

    Do note that ActiveSG Members who have not verified their ActiveSG Membership will only be able to enjoy limited benefits.

    • How do I redeem my membership benefits if I do not own a smartphone?
      You may use the following cards to utillise your benefits:
      • NRIC
      • Singapore driving license
      • School SMART card
      • Senior Citizens concession card
      • PAssion card

    • How long is the ActiveSG membership valid for?

      ActiveSG membership has a lifetime validity upon registration.

    • Can I use my ActiveSG account for my family?

      No. To enjoy ActiveSG facilities, individuals are required to apply for membership before visiting the facilities. Alternatively, you may purchase the single entry passes found under "Buy Pass" on our ActiveSG Mobile App and scan them in using your account at the gantry. 

      Should you require assistance on membership registration, you may do so at any Guest Services Office at all ActiveSG Sports Centres.


    Additional ActiveSG Credits for Children

    • Who would get this additional $100 credit in their ActiveSG account?
      Existing Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents aged 4-12 (born 2011 to 2019) will receive a one-off $100 top up in their ActiveSG accounts from 1 May 2023.

      New ActiveSG members (born 2011 to 2019) who sign up between 1 May – 31 Oct 2023 will receive the one-off $100 credit, along with $100 additional credit.

      The ActiveSG credits can be rolled over to the next year if members use their credits at least once in the current year.

    • How do I sign up?

      Parents/guardians can sign their kids up at myactivesg.com or via the ActiveSG app. Additional credits will be issued from 1 May 2023.

    • What can I use the ActiveSG credits on?

      The ActiveSG credits can be used to offset cost of selected programmes and competitions, and cover entry fees for pools and facilities. Examples of programmes include KpopX Fitness, Zumba, and various ActiveSG Academies and Clubs.

      Use of ActiveSG credits for payment of ActiveSG programmes and activities is up to 30% of the programme price and you are required to setup your ActiveWallet PIN prior to the transaction in order to utilise your ActiveSG credits. 

      You may also use it for booking applicable ActiveSG facilities, such as badminton courts.


    • If my child is born after 2019 or before 2011, will they get the credits?

      No, the additional credit is only for Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents born 2011 to 2019.


    • If my child is a Dependent Pass Holder and will be a Permanent Resident next year, are they entitled to the additional ActiveSG credits?

      No, the additional credit is a one-off top up from 1 May 2023 to 31 October 2023, for Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents born between 2011 to 2019.