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ActiveSG Sport Halls and Courts

Can I use the sport halls and courts?

Please refer to https://www.myactivesg.com/Facilities/Sport-Centres/Facilities-Closure for latest updates on facility closure.



What are the operating hours of the sport halls and courts?

The facilities will be opened daily from 7am to 10pm.


What should I do before visiting ActiveSG outdoor facilities (i.e. Tennis courts, Outdoor Netball courts)?

You are required to book a slot via the ActiveSG app or myactivesg.com before visiting the sport hall or outdoor court. The person who booked the court must be present and random checks will be done onsite. It is also mandatory for the member who booked the slot to be present during the time of play and be part of the group of players on court.

There will be no refund of booking for players who fail to comply with ActiveSG rules.


How far ahead in advance can I start booking the slots?

ActiveSG verified members can book ActiveSG facilities up to 15 days in advance; ActiveSG non-verified members and account holders (i.e. non-members) can book ActiveSG facilities up to 14 days in advance.


Can I choose my preferred slot?

Yes. Each slot will have 60 mins of playable time. Please do cater for time to clear the court and clean up for the next group of users.


Can I walk-in if I have not booked a slot?

No. All patrons are required to book a slot prior to using the courts.


Can I book multiple courts in the same hour?

No, patrons can only book one type of court in the same hour.


Can I book two consecutive sessions?

You are encouraged to book ONE session (60 mins) per day. This is to ensure that all patrons have equal chance to use the courts.


Can I release the slot after booking?

All booked slots cannot be released and are non-refundable.


Can I still use the toilets and changing rooms within the sport halls?

Yes. The toilets, changing rooms and shower facilities at the ActiveSG Stadiums will remain open to the public.


Can I coach in the sport halls?

While ActiveSG’s booking policy does not allow coaching, league operations or business activities on our courts, ActiveSG will not enforce this policy on goodwill basis due to the current COVID-19 situation. ActiveSG will continue to review our booking policy on coaching.