Active Wallet (ActiveSG eWallet)

  • What is Active Wallet?

    Active Wallet is a E-Payment capability which is found within the ActiveSG app. It allows cashless and card-less transactions at ActiveSG facilities. The wallet has two components, namely "MyCash" and "ActiveSG$". Members can top up stored value known as "MyCash" for payment when using ActiveSG facilities and programmes. In addition, ActiveSG members will be able to use "MyCash" to pay for goods and services at different merchants all over Singapore progressively in the next few years.

    "MyCash" is non-refundable except upon termination of user account.


  • How do I pay with Active Wallet at merchants?
    There are three ways of paying with Active Wallet:
    • Tap [SCAN] on the ActiveSG app Home page (Ensure permission to camera is granted)
    • Point your device on the Merchant's QR code
    • Enter amount and tap "Pay Now"

  • How can I top up My Cash in my Active Wallet?

    You may top up "MyCash" via:

    • ActiveSG mobile app Log-in> Top-up
    • > Log-in> eWallet> Top-up eWallet
    • Credit Card at the Guest Services Offices/ swimming complexes
    • NETS at selected Guests Services Centres

  • Is there a minimum and maximum top up amount?

    Yes, there is a minimum top-up of $10 for each transaction. A member can hold up to a maximum balance of $200 in “My Cash” at any point in time.


  • Will my Active Wallet balance be updated immediately after each transaction?

    Yes, the account balance will be updated immediately after each transaction.


  • Will I be getting a receipt as a proof of purchase at merchant locations?

    Yes, all transactions through Active wallet will have a receipt. Receipts can be viewed in the mobile apps, website and a copy will be sent to the registered email address.


  • What is the refund policy for Merchant payments using Active Wallet?

    Users may request for a refund at merchants counter on the same day of the transaction. The refund amount will be reflected in the account immediately.


  • What is the validity period for the “MyCash” topped up?

    There is no expiry date for the money topped up in "MyCash".