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What are Circle Classes?

Circle Classes is a one-stop digital destination for Singaporeans to find a fitness class, whether virtual or physical, from a myriad of instructors.

It is THE place for you to host your profile and classes, link directly to a registration portal, and leverage on Sport Singapore's 1.8 million-strong database to grow your clientele.


Post your classes on Circle and potentially expand your reach with our growing database. Click here for more information

Is there a charge towards the Coaches/Instructors for using the ActiveSG Circle platform?

Currently, there are no charges towards Coaches/Instructors for using the ActiveSG Circle platform.

Must my lessons be free?

Nope, it does not! However, currently, we do not have an integrated payment system at the moment.

If your classes are paid, you may indicate the URL used to sign up for each class under <class_url> when submitting your class schedule.

Some modes of registration include: Forms / WhatsApp / Email

How long do my classes take to be listed on the ActiveSG Circle page?

Due to the overwhelming responses, kindly allow the team a minimum of 5 to 7 working days to verify your certification and schedules, upload your schedules and coach profile.

How do I submit my class schedule?

You can submit your schedule via the link in your welcome email or here.

Can I make changes to my profile on the ActiveSG Circle website?

Kindly ensure that information submitted is correct.

Currently, we will not be editing information on the coach’s profile. (eg. Adding information or class types) With the exception of crucial information such as misspelt names that is needed to be rectified.

How do participants receive the password for my sessions?

If your classes are paid, they would receive the password directly from you after they have signed up with you. 

If your classes are free, you may uncheck the option “Require Meeting Password”, under “schedule meeting”, so that your participants can immediately access the room.

What does each of the fields mean in the Class Schedule submission excel?

  • <class_name>: the title of your class
  • <date_and_time>: DD/MM/YYYY  HH:MM
  • <class_type>: what is the class type? e.g. yoga. 
  • <level>: the level of difficulty (beginner/intermediate/advanced/all/customisable)
  • <description>: a write-up of what your class is about
  • <class_url>: If Free: Full URL of session
    If Paid: Full URL of sign up page/form
    (other options include whatsapp/google forms/email)
  • <coach>: name of coach
  • <natures>: what does this class focus on?
  • <duration_in_mintues>: e.g. 30min

How can I update my schedule?

It is not advisable to update your schedule too often, but if there is an immediate need, you may update your schedule through the Coach Schedule Upload Page

You would need to be a registered instructor to access the page. Should you require assistance, do not hesitate to contact us here

I don't have Microsoft Office, how do I upload my schedule?

You may use google sheets or numbers to update your schedule. Download or save the document after updating it in .csv  format.

How do I list my schedule if I have daily and/or weekly sessions?

You can upload as many sessions as you have for each month. Do note to list each session individually instead of grouping them into a single cell. 

Sessions should be listed in this format: DDMMYYYY HHMM

You may reference the template/instructions here.

How frequent am I recommended to re-send my class schedule?

You are recommended to send in your new schedule at least a week before the start of a new month.