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Dual-Use Scheme Facilities


What school facilities will be open for public use under the Dual-Use Scheme (DUS)?

In line with the progressive resumption of activities in Singapore, SportSG and MOE will reopen selected DUS Chargeable Fields (CFs) and Indoor Sport Halls (ISHs) for public use. Bookings can be made in advance through the ActiveSG app.

All other DUS free-to-play (FTP) facilities will remain closed to the public till further notice.

A total of 49 outdoor fields, 128 Indoor Sport Halls are located in primary, secondary schools and junior colleges. For more information on the DUS facilities that will be open for public use, as well as the booking details, please refer here.


What should I do before visiting a DUS facility?

You are required to book a slot via the ActiveSG app or myactivesg.com before visiting the DUS sports hall or outdoor fields. It is also mandatory for the member who booked the slot to be present during the time of play and be part of the group of players on court.