e-Gift Card

  • What is the ActiveSG e-Gift Card for?

    The ActiveSG e-Gift Card allows you to share the joy of giving to friends and family and encourage one another to exercise and stay active. Buy an ActiveSG e-Gift Card with MyCash $ credits that can be utilised for ActiveSG facilities and programme to enable them to experience sport and live better through Sport!


  • When is ActiveSG e-Gift Card available and where it is available?

    ActiveSG e-Gift Card is available from Monday, 11 December 2017 and it can be purchased on ActiveSG app. It is not available on the web for now.


  • How can I buy an ActiveSG e-Gift Card?

    Please download the new version of ActiveSG app, login and you could start buying ActiveSG e-Gift Card on ActiveSG app for your friends and family members. 


  • Who can I send the ActiveSG e-Gift Card to?

    You can send an ActiveSG e-Gift Card to any Singapore registered mobile number.


  • How can I make payment for ActiveSG e-Gift Card?

    You may make payment via ActiveSG app using eWallet MyCash $ or Credit Card. Please note that the complimentary ActiveSG $100 credits cannot be used for purchase of ActiveSG e-Gift Card as the ActiveSG $ dollars is non- transferrable.


  • How do I receive an ActiveSG e-Gift Card?

    For registered ActiveSG member/user, the e-Gift Card (MyCash $) from senders will be credited into your ActiveSG eWallet (MyCash).

    For individual who have no account with ActiveSG, recipient will receive an SMS alert to download the ActiveSG app to receive the e-Gift Card. The MyCash $ will be automatically credited into his/her eWallet MyCash $ once he/she is successfully registered.

    If the individual didn’t follow through with the registration to receive the e-Gift Card after a period of time, the MyCash $ in e-Gift Card will be credited back to the sender.


  • Is it necessary to register an account to become an ActiveSG member/user in order to receive an ActiveSG e-Gift Card?

    Individual is required to register to have an account to receive the e-Gift Card MyCash $ in ActiveSG eWallet and subsequently to utilise the MyCash $.


  • What if I send the e-Gift Card to wrong number or select the wrong amount?

    Once the e-Gift Card is sent, MyCash $ will be transferred to the recipient’s account instantly. Hence, please ensure the correct mobile number is entered and correct amount of denomination is selected. There shall be no refund once the e-Gift Card is purchased.


  • Can MyCash $ in the e-Gift Card be en-cashed

    The e-Gift Card with MyCash $ is for use at ActiveSG pool, gym, programmes and booking of ActiveSG courts, to encourage and enable us to exercise and stay active, thus the MyCash $ in e-Gift Card shall not be allowed to be en-cashed.


  • How can I send an ActiveSG e-Gift Card to multiple recipients?

    The e-Gift Card is designed for personalisation of messages to individuals, hence it is not for sending to multiple recipients for now.


  • How can the recipient view his/her MyCash $ in the e-Gift Card?

    Recipient can view his/her MyCash $ in the Active Wallet statement.


    • How to send the e-Gift card?
      Step 1: Download the ActiveSG app
      Step 2: Launch ActiveSG app and log in
      Step 3: Click on “Gift Card” icon at the Home Page
      Step 4: Enter your personalised message and recipient’s number, select Gift Card amount and
      Step 5: Verify the details and click on “Buy Now”