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Booking Process

  • How can I book a facility?
    • ActiveSG mobile app Log-in> Facilities tab
    • Website myactivesg.com> Login> My Account > Book Facility
    • Guest Service Office at all ActiveSG Sports Centres / swimming complexes

Please refer to our Facilities Booking Rates.


  • Can I still amend my booking after it is confirmed?

    No cancellation, replacement and refund are allowed once a booking is confirmed.


  • What is the refund policy for unplayable bookings (e.g. rain-off, ActiveSG initiated cancellation or closure of facilities)?

    When a booking becomes unplayable due to maintenance issue or inclement weather like rain or haze, you can claim refund if it is deemed that more than half of the slot is unplayable due to rain or any other unforeseen circumstances. All refunds shall be made to hirers’ eWallet once the rain-off is activated. Hirer may make use of the value in the eWallet to make subsequent bookings. 

    All refund requests should be made via the online feedback form at Contact Us - ActiveSG (myactivesg.com)


  • Is there any privilege for senior citizens?

    Senior citizens who are ActiveSG members will be able to book certain facilities during non-peak hour slots (at selected venues) free of charge or at discounted rates.  Such bookings can only be made personally at the Guest Services Office in the Sports Centre where the activity will take place.  As there are limited free slots available at each Sports Centre, such booking is on a first-come- first-served basis.


  • What is my facility booking quota and how far ahead in advance can I start booking?

    The opening hour for booking of fresh slots for the various type of activities are as follow:

    Type of Activity

    Slot Release Timings (14 days in advance) *


    Sports Halls (Duration per slot: 1 hour)




    2 slots per day per user



    (indoor/outdoor MOE@Evans)


    Volleyball (indoor at Hougang SC)

    Table Tennis


    2 slots per day per user


    Outdoor (Duration per slot: 1 hour)






    2 slots per day per user




    Lawn Bowl






    Tennis / Tennis Wall


    Soccer (Duration per slot: 2 hours) 


    Futsal (5-A-side Artificial)

    8:00 pm
    (2 slots per month per user)


    Street Soccer (Hard Court)

    *ActiveSG members, whose accounts have been verified, enjoy one more day in advance of non-members (i.e. 15 days)

    Type of Activity  
    Gym No booking required from 26 April 2022 onwards 


  • Can I book two consecutive slots per sport activity?

    Yes. You may book two consecutive slots per user per day. E.g. 10am – 11am & 11am – 12pm. This does not apply to slots for soccer. 


  • If I use up my daily booking quota for badminton, can I still book other sport facilities such as table tennis tables?

    Yes. Each sport activity has a daily quota of two slots per day per user. You may book two slots per day for each sport activity.


  • Does the booking quota apply to Dual-Use Scheme facilities (MOE school sport facilities)?



  • What is the current booking policy of football fields? 

    Football field balloting has ceased since April 2014. The booking of soccer fields can now be made online 14 days prior to the usage (members enjoy one day in advance of non-members), similar to all other facility bookings. Booking quota for soccer fields remains at 2 slots per person within a month.


  • My company wishes to book a sport facility. How do I go about it?  

    All organisations who wish to book sport facilities for their organisation's sport events must complete a booking request form and submit it to sport_bookings@sport.gov.sg All booking requests are subject to availability and Sport Singapore's Terms of Booking.


  • Where are the free-to-play school facilities located? How do I book them?

    Please refer to the list of free-to-play sport facilities for their addresses. These free-to-play facilities do not require prior booking to use. However they are subject to terms and conditions for use.