Fingerprint Login

  • What is Fingerprint Login?

    Fingerprint Login is an alternative way of logging into your ActiveSG account on the mobile app.

  • What are the devices which support Fingerprint Login?

    iPhone/iPad with Fingerprint login function and iOS version 8 and above, will be able to support this function.

  • When will this feature be available?

    This function will be made available on 21 Dec 2016 for Apple devices with Touch ID functions. Support for Android devices with Fingerprint login will be launched in due course. Please ensure that the app is updated with the latest version to be able to receive the latest function.

  • Can I setup Fingerprint Login function using Facebook login?

    This is not possible as first time setup of your fingerprint login, must be done through your ActiveSG account using your “Mobile/Email/NRIC” and “Password”.

  • How to setup using Fingerprint Login Function?
    For Apple devices with Touch ID function
    Step 1: Launch ActiveSG application and click on “Login” button.
    Step 2: Login into your ActiveSG account with your “Mobile/Email/NRIC” and “Password”
    Step 3: Welcome screen will be displayed
    Step 4: Select “Settings” on the left menu
    Step 5: Select the “Touch ID login” to setup Fingerprint login
    Step 6: Enter your login password to setup Touch ID Login. Click on “Done” button on the keypad once input is completed. A confirmation message will be displayed
    Step 7: Once “Ok” button is clicked on the confirmation message, the “Touch ID login” function will be activated.
    Step 8: To activate the Touch ID for eWallet, click on “Touch ID for eWallet” button and enter your eWallet Pin. Click on the “Done” button once completed
    Step 9: A confirmation message will be displayed. Congratulation, both Touch ID Login and Touch ID for eWallet had been successfully setup
    Step 10: Click to launch the ActiveSG app again, Touch ID Login will be activated. You may now login to the ActiveSG app with your Touch ID


  • Why has my Touch ID been disabled?

    If another person uses your phone to access his/her account from the ActiveSG app, your fingerprint configuration will be automatically disabled.