GameOn Nila! Guide

What do I need to participate in the events for GameOn Nila?

Participants will have to download the ActiveSG mobile application and sign up as an ActiveSG member to access the game.


Where is GameOn Nila?

You can access GameOn Nila! Campaigns by tapping on the Challenge icon in the mobile application.


Campaign Details

Before you join a campaign, you view the Campaign period/dates, categories and description on th Campaign Details Page

After joining the campaign, you can view he prizes, activities and steps.


How to join GameOn Nila! Campagn as an Individual?

Tap on the Campaign card on the Challenge page to select the Campaign.

Tap on the 'Join' button at the bottom of the Campaign Details page.


How to join GameOn Nila Campaign as a Team?

If you have already joined an Individual Campaign, you can join the GameOn Nila Team Campaign as well by tapping on 'Create a Team' button at the Campaign Team Details page.

If you have not joined the GameOn Nila Individual Campaign, you can join the Team Campaign right away by tapping o the Campaign card on the Challenge page. Tap on the 'Join' button of the Campaign Details page after you have selected a Campaign.


How to add a Team member?

Send an invite to your team member's mobile number to add a team member. 

Once you have sent the invite, the potential team member can choose to accept or rejct your invitation. While awaiting for the potential team member's reply, you will see a 'Pending' status.

If the potential team member is not an ActiveSg user, he/she must register to ActiveSG in order to respond to the invite.


How to delete a pending Team member?

You can delete an invite that is sent out by tpping on the 'X' shown next to the potential team member's name on the Leaderboard.


How do I know if my invite has been accepted?

If your invitation is accepted, you will not see a 'Pending' status anymore.

If your invitation is rejected you will see a 'Declined' status shown.


What is the maximum number of members allowed in a Team?

The maximum number of members in a team is 4,  including the Team Leader. If you are the Team Leader, you will only be able to add up to 3 members in your team.


How to play GameOn Nila Campaign?

You can play and compete with other individuals or teams by participating in the steps and actitivites which will earn you Active Points that will bring you closer to winning prizes.


What are Active Points?

As an Individual or a Team member, you will be awarded Active Points based on the steps and activity goals you have achieved after joining a GameOn Nila Campaign. With the Active Points earned, you can ballot for attractive prizes in the rewards page.


How to level up?

As an Individual or a Team member, you can level up by achieving the minimum requirement of steps and activity goals for a certain level. By doing so, you will be awarded with Activity Points and will progress on to the next level.


How to earn stars?

As an Individual or a Team member, you can earn stars by completing different Activity goals that are stated under the 3 categories namely - ActiveSG, ActiveWallet and Places of Interest. The combination of stes and stars achieved will then be converted to Active Points.


How to sync your steps?

You can sync your steps by setting up your health tracker to ActiveSG. You can tap on the settings icon on the top-right corner of Challenge Pass to access the Manage Tracker page.


How to ballot for prizes?

You can tap on the gift icon to access the Rewards page.

You can allocate your Active Points to ballot for prizes on the Rewards Details page. You can choose to ballot for different prizes but your chances of winning each prize will increase with more Active Points invested in it.