MyActiveSWIM™ scheme

  • What is MyActiveSWIM™ scheme? 

    MyActiveSWIM™ provides ActiveSG members unlimited pool access to all ActiveSG swimming complexes islandwide (EXCLUDING MOE Evans Pool).


  • Who is eligible for MyActiveSWIM™ scheme?

    You have to be a verified ActiveSG member before you are eligible to purchase MyActiveSWIM™ scheme.


  • What are the rates for MyActiveSWIM™ scheme?

    Details of MyActiveSWIM™ scheme are as follows:


    Monthly unlimited access
    (All Day)

    Adult (18-54 years old)

    $10/ month

    Child/ Student (Below 18 years old)
    Senior (55 years old and above)

    $5/ month


    12 months unlimited access
    (All Day)

    Senior (55 years old and above)

    $50 (for conventional swimming complexes only)

    $60 (for all swimming complexes)

  • How do I sign up for MyActiveSWIM™ scheme? 

    You can sign up for MyActiveSWIM™ scheme via the following channels:

    • ActiveSG mobile app Log-in> Buy Scheme 
    •  Log- in> My Account> Buy Scheme 
    • Guest Services Offices / Swimming Complexes

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  • How do I pay for my MyActiveSWIM™ scheme? 

    Payment can be done via:

    • Member’s eWallet (using the ActiveSG app and website)

  • Is there a minimum period that I need to purchase for MyActiveSWIM™ scheme? 

    You can purchase MyActiveSWIM™ scheme on a monthly basis.

  • Do I get a refund if I decide to terminate MyActiveSWIM™ scheme?
    MyActiveSWIM™ scheme is non-refundable.