Programmes Registration

  • Who is eligible to register for the ActiveSG programme?

You must be an ActiveSG member (for Singaporeans and Permanent Residents) or a registered user before you can register for ActiveSG programmes.


  • How do I pay for a programme?

    You may pay for a programme via:

    • Member’s eWallet* (using the ActiveSG mobile app and website)

    *Please ensure that you have sufficient stored value (“MyCash”) in your eWallet. Utilisation of ActiveSG Dollars for Programme fees is strictly applicable to eWallet payment only.

    *Do note use of ActiveSG credits for payment of ActiveSG programmes and activities is up to 30% of the programme price and you are required to setup your ActiveWallet PIN prior to the transaction in order to utilise your ActiveSG credits 

  • When is payment required for any registration?

    Immediate payment is required to secure a slot for the programme. Any unpaid slot will be released after 10 minutes, according to the shopping cart timer. 


  • How much time do I have to make payment after adding a registration to the shopping cart?

    You will have 10 minutes to make payment before the slot is released.


  • I would like to register for a programme that has already commenced. Can the programme fees be pro-rated?

    No, there will not be any pro-rating of programme fees. Full payment must be made for a participant to join the programme.


  • Are there any discounts for the programme? 

    Programme discounts (if any) will be indicated upfront.


  • What is the qualifying age for senior citizens’ discount and how much is it? 

    Anyone aged 55 years old and above will be eligible for a 10% senior citizens’ discount upon their 55th birthday. They will then enjoy 10% off the programme fee for new programme sign ups which starts on their 55th birth day onwards. The senior citizen discount is not applicable for programmes which start before the 55th birthday of the participant.  There will be no pro-rating of programme fees if the participant’s 55th birthday falls during the course of the programme.


  • Can I ask for refund after payment has been made? 

    No refund will be issued once payment has been confirmed, unless otherwise stated.


  • Can I transfer the registered slot to another programme after payment?  

    No, programme registration is non-transferable. All registrations and payments are confirmed upon successful checkouts. 


  • Can I register and pay on behalf of another person? 

    No, registration on behalf of another person, that is not a supplementary member tagged to the same person, is not allowed as participants are required to agree to the programme Terms & Conditions before registering for the programme.


  • Is there a waiting list if registration if a programme is full?  

    Yes, you may choose to be on the waiting list when a programme registration is full.


  • Are the programmes safe to participate in? 

    All programmes are accompanied by descriptions to help participants make informed decisions. Participants are advised to go through the relevant details provided before joining a programme.


  • What if the programme/session is cancelled? 

    Participants will be informed in advance in the case of programme cancellation, and details of replacement session, if any.