Redeem ActiveSG$ with HPB Healthpoints

  • How do I redeem ActiveSG credits with HPB Healthpoints?

    If you are a member for both ActiveSG and HPB Healthy 365 mobile app, you may log in to the ActiveSG app to redeem HPB Healthpoints for ActiveSG$. Points are only redeemable via the ActiveSG app.


  • What details are necessary for this redemption?

    Please ensure both your ActiveSG and Healthy 365 mobile app profiles are updated with the same mobile number and NRIC number to ensure a successful redemption. Redemptions will be declined if you input the wrong profile details.


  • Where can I redeem my ActiveSG credits?

    Step 1: Login to your ActiveSG account on your mobile application. Once you have logged in, you should see the section where MyCash and ActiveSG$ is displayed. Click on it to access to your ActiveWallet.

    ActiveSG Credits

    Step 2: Under ActiveSG$, click on the ‘Redeem Healthpoints’ button.

    Redeem Healthpoints

    Step 3: If you are redeeming the ActiveSG$ for the first time in that particular year, you will be prompted for One-Time Password (OTP) verification. Key in the OTP sent to you and choose the amount of Healthpoints to redeem.

    Step 4: Upon redemption, a ‘Redemption Successful’ message will appear and redirect you to the ActiveSG app dashboard. An email and SMS will also be sent to your registered email address and mobile number in ActiveSG app once the redemption is successful.


  • What are the conversion rates?

    Every 150 Healthpoints can be redeemed for ActiveSG$3 . The minimum redemption per transaction is 150 Healthpoints (worth ActiveSG$3) and the maximum redemption per transaction is 4500 Healthpoints (worth ActiveSG$90 ). Redemptions can only be made in multiples of 150 Healthpoints.


  • What can I use the ActiveSG$ for?

    ActiveSG$ can be used for pool and gym admissions, ActiveSG facilities booking, as well as ActiveSG programmes and activities (capped at 30% of the cost for each programme/activity). You may refer to for the list of available facilities, programmes and activities.


  • Do my redeemed ActiveSG$ have an expiry date?

    Yes, it will follow the existing ActiveSG$ expiry terms & condition as stated in ActiveSG Membership FAQ.


  • How long does it take for the conversion of HPB Healthpoints-ActiveSG$ to take effect?

    The HPB Healthpoints-ActiveSG$ conversion is immediate and will be reflected under ‘ActiveSG$’ in the ActiveSG app for your use. Please note that once the conversion has been made, it cannot be reversed.


  • Am I able to redeem ActiveSG$ for HPB Healthpoints instead?

    No, there is only redemption of Healthpoints for ActiveSG$.


  • Is there any other way for me to check that the ActiveSG$ have been successfully redeemed?

    Yes, you will receive an email and SMS confirmation in your registered email address and mobile number in ActiveSG app upon successful redemption. The redemption will also be reflected in your ‘Statement’ in the ActiveWallet Page.



  • Why am I not able to redeem my Healthpoints?

    You will need to ensure that you have a valid Healthy 365 mobile app account with sufficient Healthpoints (minimum of 150 Healthpoints) to redeem for ActiveSG$. The contact information in both ActiveSG and Healthy 365 mobile app must match for ActiveSG$ to be redeemed successfully.