The 5 Giving Platforms

The 5 ways Team Nila contributes to the community

Sport Centres

Volunteering at your doorsteps! Enjoy a wide myriad of meaningful and impactful volunteering opportunities at our Sport Centres where Team Nila volunteers lead sporting programmes and activities to empower others to live better through sport!

Sporting Events

Singapore is a Sporting Hub where many major leagues, competitions and sporting events are held. A great way to be part of the sporting action by giving back through Sport!

Academies and Clubs

There is volunteering opportunities for everyone! Volunteer through our Academies and Clubs Giving Platform, you will be able to impart sporting skills and impact young lives by building their character through sport! You will also be provided with opportunities to develop your capabilities to be a Community Coach!


By encompassing a nurturing culture, a positive relationship and the grit of sport, SportCares reaches out to the underserved and empower them to dream bigger dreams. Team Nila is the enabler for others.

Active Health

Better Beats Perfect! Looking for volunteering opportunities to learn and share knowledge on how we can all stay active and healthy? Join our community of Active Health Advocates and help others take control of their personal wellness!