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Team Singapore

Originally mooted by the then-Ministry of Community Development and Sports, and launched on 20 April 2001 by then-Deputy Prime Minister Dr Tony Tan, Team Singapore is the united identity of elite athletes, coaches and officials from Singapore that represents the country in major multi-sport Games and identified international competitions.  

The three core attributes of Pride, Performance and Perseverance anchor that which is the collective Team Singapore. Underscoring the traits of a winning team, these attributes are the important elements of sportsmanship and excellence that propel the nation forward to succeed on the world’s sporting stage.

Team Singapore is a shared identity for all Singaporeans, where sport is the national language. It represents the unique connection between our athletes and every other Singaporean – young or old, as they embark on a sporting journey as one. Team Singapore is one big family inspiring one another through sport. It is a relationship that extends beyond the sporting fraternity, and beyond the major Games. Team Singapore is about living better lives as we embody values inherent in sport: a winning spirit, an appreciation for teamwork, a commitment to purpose, the importance of ethical behaviour and a love for our country.

For more information, please visit the official website of Team Singapore