About Active Health

An initiative by Sport Singapore, Active Health is the national social movement for health and wellness that seeks to empower and motivate individuals to take ownership of their health and well-being and to build strong social bonds and support through shared experiences.

Kickstart your Active Health journey and know your baseline today. Join us at the GetActive! Singapore experiential booth and stand to win exciting premiums and prizes!

Active Health – "Measuring is Knowing" Experiential Booth

At the GetActive! Singapore showcase at the Kallang Wave Mall Atrium from 29 July to 8 August 2023, visitors can gain useful knowledge and understand the benefits of measuring up at Active Health’s ‘Measuring is Knowing’ campaign by learning more about their fitness and health status and finding their own Active Health Web”. Backed by sport science, the Active Health Web aims to help participants find out where they stand in the five fitness components of cardiorespiratory fitness, muscular strength, balance, muscular power and agility. Upon completion, participants will receive their score in the form of a Active Health Web. They will also receive digital resource to help them improve on their identified component to work on, including a simple self-guided assessment they can perform on a regular basis to track their progress.

At the Active Health experiential zone, visitors who have completed the Active Health Web will be issued a pass to qualify and compete in the Active Health Challenge where they will also learn how the different components of physical fitness relate to everyday activities through the lifestyle-themed Active Health Challenges.

Visitors will learn that no matter their age and abilities, everyone will benefit from adopting a systematic approach through measuring up as they work towards their Health Plan in pursuit of a better quality of life.


How you can measure up

Backed by Sport Science, our Active Health Web aims to help you find out where you stand in these 5 health and skill related components of physical fitness. Go one step further to challenge yourself! 
  1. Cardiorespiratory Fitness 
  2. Muscular Strength 
  3. Balance 
  4. Muscular Power 
  5. Agility 
Active Health Challenge

Challenge yourself and learn how different components of physical fitness play important roles in everyday activities. These family friendly challenges provide you with first hand experience of real life applications of the 5 key components of the Active Health Web.


Measuring Is Knowing Activation at GetActive!SG Anchor sites

Event Venue Date & Time
Kallang Wave Mall Level 1 Atrium

29 July - 9 August

Weekday: 8.30am - 8 pm

Weekend: 8.30am - 9pm

9 August : 8.30am - 9pm 


Measuring Is Knowing Activation at GetActive!SG Festival sites

Event venue Date & Time
Heartbeat Bedok Level 1 Atrium 29 & 30 July, 9am - 1pm
Jurong West Sports Hall 5 & 6 August, 4pm – 9pm
Toa Payoh Sports hall  5 & 6 August, 4pm – 9pm
Our Tampines Hub 6 August, 4pm – 9pm


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