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Brief Description

  •  A 30-min video resource for parents and children to participate meaningfully as a pair, with easy-to-follow steps and actions. The guided activities promote parent-child bonding through play and ignite child's interest in staying active!
  • Each fitness video will be hosted by our Active Parents trainers (and sometimes, with their child demonstrating alongside too!). What’s more, the mood-boosting workout comes with energetic music to excite adults and children alike.
  • All you have to do is to play the high-quality pre-recorded video at your virtual/in-person parent engagement events/platforms and have the parents and children join in easily!

Who should participate?

  •  Parents with pre-schoolers aged 5-6 years old
  • Beginner-friendly, no prior experience needed

Fitness Genres (Register by 31 Mar 2022):

Multiple workout routines are available for each genre; released quarterly from Feb, Apr, Jul, Oct. Video download link will be sent to centres upon confirmation, in first week of Apr.

  1. Fundamental Movement Skills - Spider Boys, Spider Girls (Dynamic Balancing)
  2. Fundamental Movement Skills - I Believe I Can Fly (Running and Leaping)
  3. Fundamental Movement Skills - Poink Poink Poink (Bouncing, Throwing & Catching)
  4. Fundamental Movement Skills - Swing Swing, Woosh Woosh (Side-arm Strike, and Underarm Strike)
  5. Circuit Playtime - Call of the Wild (Full spectrum of fitness functions)
  6. Circuit Playtime - Move It Vroom! (Full spectrum of fitness functions)
  7. Yoga - Blindfold Warrior (Strength)
Cost: FREE!
Preschool Registration: Preschool representatives may submit interest form on behalf of the centre/cluster of preschools for mass sign-up. SportSG will contact the representative within 7 working days from date of form submission. For more information, please write in to 


Frequently Asked Questions 

Please refer to our FAQ for any queries you might have.