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Collaboration with People's Association (PA)

  • Why is this feature introduced?

    This feature aims to improve the sport facility booking experience for citizens by displaying similar nearby facilities and their availability, should their initial choice be unavailable. This helps to increase the chances of you getting to play your desired sport activity.


  • Where are the PA Community Centres (CC) where I can book through my ActiveSG account?

    Starting 14 September 2020, you will be able to book badminton courts from 5 PA facilities. The purpose is to provide ActiveSG members an alternative venue to book a badminton facility if their desired slot is unavailable. The PA locations are:

    ActiveSG Facility Nearest PA Facility
    Clementi Sport Centre Radin Mas CC
    Yishun Sport Centre Nee Soon East CC
    Our Tampines Hub Sport Centre Our Tampines Hub CC
    Heartbeat@Bedok Sport Centre Bedok CC
    Jurong West Sport Centre Frontier CC

    More venues and facility types will be added in future phases.


  • Why can’t I see the onePA slots when I log in to my ActiveSG account?

    You must also be a onePA Portal member in order to be able to view the available onePA slots. By booking any onePA slots using your ActiveSG account, you are deemed to also agree to the terms and conditions set out for onePA Portal membership.


  • How can I book onePA slots from ActiveSG app?

    1. Login to ActiveSG App and tap on Facilities

    2. Tap on Search box. Enter the ActiveSG facility you plan to visit
    3. Select the facility you plan to visit. (Tip: You can favourite the facility to add it to your ‘My Favourites’.)
    4. Select Date of Visit and tap on onePA button or scroll down the page
    5. Select the desired timeslot and tap ADD TO CART
    6. Tap on PAY NOW to go to Shopping Cart. Proceed to complete the payment


  • Can my bookings for ActiveSG and PA facilities be concurrent?

    No, you are not allowed to book concurrent timeslots as you must be present at the venues in order to use the facility.


  • Can I use my ActiveSG credits to book onePA slots?

    No, the ActiveSG credits cannot be used to book onePA slots.


  • Is the existing shopping cart timer applicable to onePA bookings?

    Yes, the current ActiveSG shopping cart timer of 10 minutes is applicable to onePA. The timer remains the same when both ActiveSG and onePA slots are added to the shopping cart concurrently.


  • Can I rebook onePA slots once the shopping cart is expired?

    No, clicking on the Rebook option when the shopping cart expires will not return the onePA slots to the shopping cart. You will need to re-select the onePA slots again.


  • How can I pay for my onePA slots booking?

    You may pay for ActiveSG online transactions via:

    • Member’s Active Wallet
    • Credit Card
    • Direct Debit Authorisation (for DBS/POSB account holders)

  • Where can the onePA booking details be found?
    • The onePA booking details can be found on the ActiveSG eReceipt:
    • Displayed on the payment completion page.
    • Via email to you after payment is completed.
    • From your user account - Me > Active Wallet > Transaction History page

  • How can I amend my booking for onePA slots after payment is made?
    No cancellation, replacement and refund are allowed once a booking is confirmed.