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Corporate Investments

Call for Partnership:

ActiveSG is an all-inclusive national movement for sports, designed to be a lifestyle destination for Singaporeans to live better through sports.


Partner(s) who can provide vending solutions, self-servicing technologies or other collaborations/opportunities through:

  • Food
  • Beverage
  • Merchandise
  • Self-servicing technologies for lifestyle/entertainment purposes

Partnership period:
To commence Q1 of calendar year 2022, for a period of two years. 

Closing date for submission of proposal:
Closing date for submission of proposals will be Monday, 25th October 2021. 

More information:
Please contact Ms Poon Ying Ying at POON_Ying_Ying@sport.gov.sg

Investments into Academies and Clubs

ActiveSG Academies and Clubs are a national movement that aims to provide affordable, accessible and age-appropriate programmes in various sports. Join us on this journey to co-create opportunities for all Singaporeans to live better through sport. Enhance your reach and deepen your engagement with the communities that we serve.  

As you play a key role in shaping the future of Sporting Singapore together with us, the returns on your investment will be more than just dollars and cents.   

Direct Investment into different Academies and Clubs activity catalogue Investment Value of $50,000 (per Academy/Club) Investment Value of $30,000 (per Academy/Club)
E-Marketing: Gaining Mindshare through ActiveSG’s Digital Platforms
- Investment into opportunities for promotional marketing campaigns
Traditional Marketing: Direct Product/Service exposure and introduction into our full scope of activities/programmes
- Purchase of Partner’s Products/Services at Production Price for internal use in academies and build brand affinity & loyalty
Academy’s Sports Festivals
- Investment into Nutrition Kiosk, Medallions, Logistics
Community Sports Programmes & Outreach Activities
- Investment into Apparel and equipment used
School Sports Programmes & Outreach Activities
- Investment into Apparel and equipment used (brand presence subject to MOE’s guidelines)
Sports Expertise Workshops (e.g. Footwear, Equipment, Apparel)
- Investment into venue, instructor engagement and marketing costs for Workshop advertising
Academy’s Leagues & Tournaments
- Investment into Referees, Medals, Trophies


Leasing Opportunities

Our popularity among the Singaporean population and excellent infrastructures island wide are just some of the reasons why your business will thrive at your desired ActiveSG location(s). As our business partner, you too can be a part of the vibrant scene and connect with the dynamic community that makes up the ActiveSG family across our different available locations. For information on available spaces, please contact: Doris TOH (Doris_TOH@sport.gov.sg).