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Corporate Membership and Partnership

Corporate Membership

A healthy workplace means having happier staff and a productive workforce.

Let us work with you to enhance organisation dynamics and create an active and healthy workplace culture through sports and fitness anytime , anywhere.


Benefits of becoming a Corporate member with ActiveSG

By becoming a member, not only will you enjoy corporate rates and advance bookings for programmes and facilities, we can work together to create a positive experience for you and your employees through the various types of sport and fitness activities according to your organisation's needs.

  • Cohesion

 Build team spirit and foster relationships through regular physical activity and sports.

  • Organisation Dynamic Development

Learn a new sport, develop your techniques through our Sport Development Programmes and even compete at our annual Corporate Sports Competitions.

  • Care For Health

Embark on your fitness and health journey through Active Health and get Expert's advice on how you could live life to the fullest.

  • Fun Rest and Recreation

Celebrate with us at our annual SportSG events and/or enjoy a day out with your colleagues through Team Nila Corporate volunteering opportunties.

  • Individual Wellness

Keep fit whenever and wherever at any of our ActiveSG gym and pool facilities island-wide.

  • Corporate Gifts and Rewards

Have a Corporate Event coming up and not sure what to gift your employees? Select and customise ActiveSG Gifts to show your appreciation to them.