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Few of us have the luxury of being stay-home parents. We probably yearn for more family (and me) time than we get most of the time. Nonetheless, do we really need to choose between our hectic work schedules and being a part of our kids’ active lifestyle? Or can managing both be a reality?

Common barriers, excuses and misconceptions
We may be inclined to think the following (aka easy excuses not to support a more active lifestyle for our kids!):

  • There is a lack of proximity or accessibility to sport facilities.
  • Our kids are too busy with homework.
  • They are only interested in their smart devices and lack interest in physical activity.
  • They are already getting sufficient exercise in school.
  • Our day jobs call for long working hours.
  • Accompanying children at sports takes up too much time.
  • Getting our children involved in sports requires a lot of money.

Cultivating a positive (and correct) mindset

If you are tied down by one or more of the above, it is time for a mindset shift.

In reality, our children may not be more active during their PE lessons. On the contrary, they can end up doing more during family time - physically or mentally - playing with toys, doing crafts or just being out as a family. Thus, it is important to give our children opportunities, out of school time, to be active.

Undeniably, working parents have our commitments and time is “never enough”. However, being there for our children does not always need to take up a lot of time or money – all it takes may be relooking our time management, and keeping an open mind. Companionship and leading by example are also good ways to motivate our children in being more interested in sport – be it through watching them or playing with them.