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Not the Score, but the Story

Welcome to the realm of sport at ActiveSG Academies & Clubs, where personal growth and unforgettable memories are created beyond just the game.

At ActiveSG Academies & Clubs, sport goes beyond winning; it's about overcoming challenges, relentlessly pursuing excellence, and forging strong camaraderie with teammates.

ActiveSG Academies & Clubs

ActiveSG Academies & Clubs (A&C) is an initiative of ActiveSG, an inclusive national movement dedicated to promoting sport and active living to individuals, families and communities regardless of age and abilities. 

Since 2016, A&C seeks to nurture and enable a lifelong sporting culture in children and youth, and build an inclusive and supportive community of participants, parents and coaches through their common love for sports.



ActiveSG A&C covers a wide array of sports.  Your child can move through our programme pathway from beginners to intermediate to development centres where they are designed to provide the required training and competition environment for talented and committed athletes.

No matter their ability, passion, or interests, ActiveSG A&C offers a sport for every child!

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Parent's Guide: Nurturing Champions - ActiveSG Academies & Clubs Philosophy and Support Tips for Parents

To better support you in your child’s sporting journey, we have prepared a parent’s guide that shares the philosophy and values of ActiveSG Academies & Clubs, and providing top tips for you in your role as an active parent.

Click here to read the Parent’s Guide


About Para Sport Academy

We believe that sport is a great way for Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) to stay physically and mentally fit, make friends, and live life to the fullest. Under ActiveSG A&C, we’re continuously launching new para sports programmes. So far, these include:

  • 5-a-side Football
  • CP Football
  • Para Athletics
  • Para Badminton
  • Paracanoe
  • Para Swimming
  • Para Table Tennis
  • Wheelchair Basketball
  • Wheelchair Rugby
  • Wheelchair Tennis

Come enjoy affordable, structured programmes led by certified coaches in a fun and supportive environment.

Who we are?