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At ActiveSG Academies & Clubs, we aim to provide a various of sport programmes for children and youths to participate in a sport of their choice.

Designed with fun and quality as key considerations, our holistic sports programmes inculcates your child with values such as honour, resilience and teamwork as well as life skills such as communication, time management and goal setting.

Regardless of ability or fitness level, there is always a sport for every child!

Important annoucement

From 2024, ActiveSG Academies and Clubs' seasonal programmes will generally follow the MOE school terms and consist of a programme schedule within a 10-week season. The dates of sessions are stated in the individual programme listing. The general 2024 schedule can be found in the table below.

A&C table


1. Registration is via the ActiveSG website or app.
2. Phase 1 registration is available to Singaporean citizens and permanent residents (log-in is required to view the progammes), and Phase 2 registration is available for all. 
3. Registration is subject to capacity, on a first come first served basis.
4. Registration start and end dates, and season duration may vary across academies according to their schedules. Please check the individual ActiveSG Academies and Clubs' webpage for updates.
5. Once payment is made, any request for refund is entirely based on SportSG's discretion. 


Sessions may be unavailable or cancelled due to public holidays, inclement weather, competitions or displacement by other events. The academy will inform parents when this happens and seek to provide replacement sessions, or equivalent training/competition opportunities within the season as best as we could, but this is subject to the availability of facilities and coaches, and opportunities that are available. We thank you for your understanding.

Coaches' Day 2023 Appreciation

As we celebrate Teachers' Day in schools, Sport Singapore celebrates Coaches' Day in appreciation for the hard work of our sport coaches.  In ActiveSG Academies & Clubs, our coaches worked tirelessly to groom our children and youths to be a better athlete through our motto: Honour, Resilience, Teamwork.

Happy Coaches' Day! 

Who we are?

Designed to be fun and of high quality, our holistic sports programmes help develop the child’s character, inculcate your child with important values such as discipline, perseverance and teamwork as well as life skills such as communication, overcome challenges and goals