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Following KK Women's and Children's Hospital (KKH)’s 24-hour Activity Guideline launched in 2021, Sport Singapore and Health Promotion Board have jointly revamped the Singapore Physical Activity Guidelines (SPAG) - a set of guidelines for physical activities to better meet the needs of Singaporeans. This is a result of physical activity research on evolving lifestyle trends, as well as the latest WHO guidelines and recommendations. 

Who is this for?

By segmenting behaviours of different population segments and across life stages, and taking into consideration safety factors like suitability, sustainability, self-competency and more, the revamped guidelines are designed to make active lifestyles attainable for everyone. 

The age categories and profiles include:

  • Pre-schoolers 
  • School children and youths
  • Working adults
  • Pregnant and post-partum women
  • Persons with disabilities
  • Seniors

What this means is that families can customise activities most suitable for every member in the household to enjoy together, from the perspective of:

With the simple but practical tips in SPAG, used in conjuction with KKH’s 24-hour Activity Guideline, parents can evaluate our children’s lifestyles and enhance their schedules.

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Benefits of physical activity for everyone


The benefits of physical activity are endless, from physical wellbeing (weight management, quality of sleep, energy levels, etc.), mental wellbeing (managing depression, stress, dementia) to individual and community development (social skills, academic performance, etc.).

Do check out the guide for more details, or scroll to the end of this article to view the infographic summary guidelines for 0-6, 7-12 and 18-64 years old. 

We suggest some activities that can get any family started on your journey to health and wellness!


1. Cycling

This has almost become a national hobby these days, with park connectors creating comfortable cycling trails for both short leisurely rides or longer challenging distances. Plan your route with National Parks Board’s info here.  


2. Hiking

If you think hiking must be intensive and require great stamina, think again. There are many hiking trails in Singapore suitable for the whole family, as we check out 7 Family-friendly Hiking Trails in Singapore.



3. Niko Niko Running

We can see why this Japanese concept of (super) slow jogging has won the hearts of many, especially as we re-assess our obsession with speed and efficiency. In Japanese, “niko niko” means “smile”, and put simply, this is slow jogging at a walking pace, leisurely enough to enjoy conversation or, if by yourself, to just smile. Surely, this is something everyone in the family – seniors to kids – can try? 


4. Yoga

If the kids can do it, so can the adults and seniors at home. Start with something simple here on Get Active TV – and find other similar workouts to enjoy. 

For more activity ideas, check out

To complement your family’s active lifestyle, don’t neglect healthy eating habits, which can also be planned by age groups for optimal benefits. 



For pre-schoolers

School children and youths

Summary of Guidelines 

SPAG - Preschoolers 0-6

SPAG - School Children Youths 7-17

SPAG - Adults - 18-64