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A&C E-newsletter September 2023

Sep 12, 2023

Celebrating National Day through Sport

Between 29 July and 8 August, an exhilarating sense of anticipation filled the air as Singaporeans united to commemorate the nation’s birthday through the vibrant Get Active! Singapore sporting bash.   ActiveSG Academies & Clubs was part of the celebrations - engaging families, children and youth in activities around Singapore and at the Singapore Sports Hub.

Get Active! SG Heartland Festivals

230729_Active SG_197 (1)PHOTO-2023-06-11-12-49-06DSC00170 (1)DSC00422 (1)

The atmosphere at five ActiveSG Sport Centres around the island was buzzing with energy as the crowd enjoyed the wide variety of activities, ranging from vibrant dance performances and traditional kampung games to sport try outs by the various ActiveSG Academies & Clubs. It was exhilarating to hear the graceful swoosh of a flippa ball cutting through the air, the resonant thwack of shuttlecocks and the clash of hockey sticks interspersed with laughter as visitors to the Festivals participated in the try-outs. The evening ended off with a fireworks display that brought cheers to everyone.

Get Active! Anchorsite activities

At the Singapore Sports Hub, a series of sporting activities filled the venue with the thrilling pulse of athletic prowess and competitions.

Lion City Dance Convention

LCDC-148230806_LCDC Selection_005

From the dance workshops to the intense dance battles and showcases, this ActiveGroove organised event was a celebration of talent and artistry. The event brought together a diverse community of dancers, sharing their unique stories through the language of movement. The energy and passion displayed by the performers mesmerized both spectators and fellow dancers alike.

YouthCreates Shredder Series    

Farris Rahman All Star Champ and Open 2ndLim Mao Yao Dillon - Men_s U16 Champ

The highly anticipated Shredder Series was well-received by the local skateboarding community. Under the guidance of expert instructors, the participants got to refine tricks, master techniques and grow their passion for skateboarding.

Ramp It Up       


The third edition of Ramp It Up competition organised by YouthCreates was an adrenaline-charged performance that had skateboarders and spectators on the edge of their seats. Our local skaters competed against each other and showcased their skills with tricks and electrifying manoeuvres. This event was a celebration for the whole skateboarding community.

Celebrate SG through play! Nurture Kids Festival

NK2023NurtureKidsPHOTO1 (3)

On August 4th, more than 6,000 preschoolers, teachers and parents came together to launch the Fun Start Move Start (FSMS) Resource Guide. Amidst laughter, cheers and celebrations, the children went through various stations of physical activities and learned about the essence of fundamental movement skills.


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