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A&C E-newsletter September 2023

Sep 12, 2023

Embracing the Spirit of ActiveSG A&C: Celebrating Our Exceptional Coaches!


A sport coach builds resilience, strengthen characters and acts as the mentor who impacts fundamental movement skills like run, jump and throw in a professional way so that the players can go on to learn other sport technical skills. ActiveSG Academies & Clubs would like to raise a cheer celebrating our coaches for their embodiment of our three core values - honour, resilience and teamwork.


“Through the fields, courts, and pools, you exemplify Honour, teaching athletes to play with integrity and respect. Your Resilience shines bright as you guide them through challenges, showing that setbacks are just stepping stones to success. Your commitment to Teamwork creates an environment where athletes thrive, learning the importance of collaboration and unity. With your guidance, they not only develop their skills but also forge lasting friendships.

Every triumph by our children and youth is a testament to your Honour, Resilience, and Teamwork. You invest your heart and soul into shaping champions and nurturing a sports community that truly shines.”

We ask you to join us in thanking all of our coaches whenever you meet them on or off the field-of-play. Together, we celebrate their contribution to your child’s sporting journey.

#ActiveSGCoaches #HonourResilienceTeamwork #InspirationThroughValues 

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