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A&C E-newsletter June 2023

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May 15, 2023

Enjoy the benefit of signing up your child for an ActiveSG membership

Parents – are you ready to take your child’s sporting experience to the next level?  We have an exciting offer that will make your decision even more rewarding.

To encourage children to get active and have fun with sports, ActiveSG will be giving an additional S$100 credit to all members aged four to 12.

This means that if your child is already an ActiveSG member, he or she will have a total of S$200 credit in their account. If your child is not yet an ActiveSG member, you can sign them up as a supplementary member under your account before 31 October 2023, and they will also receive S$200 credit.

The ActiveSG credits can be rolled over to the next year as long as you use them at least once in the current year.

ActiveSG Hockey AcademyIMG_4082ActiveSG Athletes Club

These credits can be used to sign up for our ActiveSG Academies & Clubs seasonal programme and school holiday programmes at all ActiveSG sport centres. We offer a wide range of sports for pre-schoolers and youth such as football, athletics, basketball, and hockey and many more. Our programmes are designed to help your child develop their skills, fitness, confidence, and values through sports. They will also make new friends and have fun along the way.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity! Redeem your child’s ActiveSG credits now and sign them up for their favourite sport programmes at our ActiveSG Academies & Clubs’ website today! 

Sign up for our ActiveSG Academies & Clubs Seasonal Programme

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