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A&C E-newsletter March 2024

Mar 08, 2024

Fostering Future Stars: Inside the ActiveSG Hockey Academy Development Centre


From aspiring beginners to seasoned youth athletes, the ActiveSG Hockey Academy Development Centre (DC) caters to individuals who love hockey, providing a platform to experience training at higher intensities and provide them with opportunities for competitive play throughout the year.


Spotlight on Rising Stars

Behind the scenes, Head Coach Sunil Prasad Eyamo meticulously sifts through the ranks, identifying promising talents through the seasonal programmes. These chosen are then extended a golden opportunity – an invitation to join the DC programme.

Once on the pitch, we hope to see athletes undergo a transformative journey. Guided by qualified Academy Coaches, they are immersed in a structured and rigorous training regimen tailored to their age groups and skill levels.

"The focus goes beyond just honing hockey skills," explains Coach Sunil. "We aim to cultivate well-rounded athletes, nurturing their physical prowess, tactical acumen, and mental resilience."


Nurturing Excellence, Inside and Out

But the DC experience extends beyond the confines of the hockey pitch. Here, holistic development is paramount, with core values like honour, resilience, and teamwork deeply ingrained in every session.

Coach Sunil

"Success in hockey isn't just about technical proficiency," remarks Coach Sunil. "It's about character-building, leadership, and sportsmanship – qualities that extend far beyond the game."


Forging Pathways to Greatness

For those seeking greater challenges, the DC offers progressive pathways within the sport. From friendly matches to local leagues, and regional tournaments, athletes are thrust into the arena, encouraging them to adapt and learn from the different levels of competition.

"This exposure is invaluable," shared Oliver Loh, from the U15 boys training cohort @Delta, eyes alight with determination. "It pushes us to our limits, showing us what it takes to compete at a higher level."


Building a Legacy of Excellence

Through unwavering dedication to excellence, the ActiveSG Hockey Academy Development Centre hopes to mould a pipeline of skilled athletes primed for success. These future stars, nurtured within its ranks, represent not just the pinnacle of individual achievement but the promise of a brighter future for the sport.

So, to all parents with aspiring hockey stars, consider the ActiveSG Hockey Academy Development Centre – where dreams are realized, potentials are unlocked, and greatness awaits.

Visit our website to learn more about the ActiveSG Hockey Academy Development Centre and how your child can become part of our legacy of excellence.

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