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A&C E-newsletter March 2024

Mar 08, 2024

Sport is a Language of Possibilities: ActiveSG Para Sport Academy Jason Leong


At his desk in Sport Singapore’s office, Jason Leong sits comfortably, his bright smile belying the challenges he's faced. Formerly a dedicated Physical Education teacher with the Ministry of Education, Jason's life took a dramatic turn in 2019 when he fell seriously ill with a sudden blood infection.


"I almost died," Jason recalled, his voice steady but tinged with emotion. "When I woke up, my hands and legs were all black."


The harrowing experience led to the amputation of Jason's feet, leaving him grappling with a new reality. "It was really difficult initially," he admitted. "I had to re-learn everything; how to move, how to use my body."


Yet, amid the darkness of uncertainty, Jason found a glimmer of hope. As he navigated his recovery, Jason found solace and purpose in sport. "Sport and physical activity are really meant for all," he emphasized. "It allowed me to redefine and rebuild my mobility and functionality."


Engaging in activities like paracanoe and adaptive functional training regularly, Jason defied the limitations imposed by his disability. "All of which is a far cry from what the doctors said to me," he reflected with a hint of pride.


But for Jason, the true measure of success lies not only in personal achievements, but in the broader impact of sport to other persons with disabilities. "Having a disability need not limit an individual," he asserted passionately. "The real success story is really how sport and physical activity is really meant for all. Sport has allowed me to live my dreams and it’s equally empowering for persons with disabilities, enabling them to live their lives to the fullest through sport."


Looking to the future, Jason harbours aspirations of fostering greater understanding and inclusion for people with disabilities through sport experiences. "As a society, we can continue to build the 'language of possibilities' around people with disabilities, recognising the immense strength and potential that sport can offer in shaping their lives," he declared optimistically.


To those considering joining para sport programmes including those offered by ActiveSG Para Sport Academy, Jason offered a simple yet powerful message: "Get on with it! We really live better through sport."


Jason Leong's journey underscores the transformative impact of sport, showcasing the boundless resilience and strength that lies within each individual. Through unwavering determination, Jason has conquered formidable obstacles. His story motivates others to recognize the profound potential of sport in fostering resilience and igniting the human spirit to overcome adversity.


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