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A&C E-newsletter December 2023

Dec 15, 2023

Mastering the Art of Sport Parenting

Embarking on the journey of parenting and supporting our children through their sport development is undoubtedly demanding, yet the rewards are boundless for both our young athletes and us as parents. Prof Camilla Knight, a distinguished professor at Swansea University and the Youth Sport Lead for the Welsh Institute of Performance Science, sheds light on the profound benefits that await those who navigate this exciting path.

Speaking to some 60 parents from the ActiveSG Tennis Academy (ATA) in a virtual workshop, Prof. Knight, who brings a wealth of expertise to the field, shared that youth sport is a dynamic and intricate social environment. It is a tapestry woven by the influences of athletes, peers, coaches, and, significantly, parents. Recognizing the complexity of this environment is the first step in understanding the pivotal role parents play in shaping the sporting experiences of our children.

Prof. Knight encourages parents to understand the complexities of the sporting environment in which the child is developing, and to invest in understanding the sport that their child is engaged in as critical steps of providing better support. She also emphasized that the potential benefits from being a supportive parent is two-fold: getting front-seat access to not only witness but shape a child’s growth and development journey; and scoring personal and familial victories.

Watch out for our Parents’ Handbook which can give you some guidance on how to be part of your child’s sporting journey.

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