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A&C E-newsletter March 2024

Mar 08, 2024

Wheelchair Rugby: Empowering Communities through Inclusive Sport


If you hear the screeching of wheels and the sharp turns on the court when you next visit a sport centre, that would be the exhilarating sounds of wheelchair rugby. Far from ordinary, wheelchair rugby offers individuals with physical disabilities a dynamic and thrilling opportunity to engage in competitive sport. But it's more than just a game; it's a community-driven initiative focused on safety, inclusivity, and fostering meaningful connections both on and off the court.


"Safety is crucial in wheelchair rugby," emphasized Aidil, Team Manager of Wheelchair Rugby Association of Singapore. "We prioritize the upkeep of specialized equipment to ensure optimal performance and safety for our players." Thanks to a group of committed volunteers who selflessly learn how to conduct basic repairs, our sports wheelchairs and protective gear remain in top condition. With regular inspections and quick repairs, we minimize the risk of accidents and injuries during training and gameplay, ensuring a secure environment for all participants.


But the heart of our programme lies in community engagement. Volunteers from diverse backgrounds – health professionals, family members, caregivers, and Team Nila – come together to support the sport and raise awareness. "It's not just about playing; it's about building a community where everyone feels welcomed and empowered," shared Sherilyn Sim, an enthusiastic volunteer from Team Nila. Through structured pathways for skill development and gameplay progression, we empower players to reach their full potential, both on and off the court.


From introductory sessions to advanced training with regional competitions, the ActiveSG Para Sport Academy wheelchair rugby programme offers a journey of growth and camaraderie. "Wheelchair rugby is more than just a sport; it's a platform for my teammates and I to thrive, connect, and break barriers," reflected Azhar, a passionate participant. Regardless of abilities, everyone is welcomed with open arms, creating an inclusive environment where friendships flourish and resilience is built.

Azhar 2

So, if you're seeking inspiration and looking to make a difference, consider joining our wheelchair rugby programme. Whether as a player, volunteer, or supporter, you can be part of a movement that celebrates diversity, fosters inclusivity, and unlocks the potential of inclusive sport for all. Together, let's embrace the joy of playing wheelchair rugby and pave the way for a more inclusive future.

To learn more about the ActiveSG Para Sport Academy and its offerings, visit our website:

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