GetActive! Singapore


Held in the lead up to Singapore’s national day, GetActive! Singapore aims to rally Singaporeans together to celebrate National Day through sport, whilst providing a platform to inspire the Singapore spirit and celebrate our national identity, transforming our sporting spaces into social commons to facilitate greater sport participation and expanding opportunities in promoting an active sporting and healthy lifestyle.




In celebration of Singapore's 57th birthday, we are proud to present the 57 Kampung Games collection featuring the best ideas from our preschool and sporting communities of how our traditional games can be reimagined and played differently.



My Active Parent Kit


A Starter Kit for your Active Parent Journey


The Active Parent Kits are simple resources put together to help you as parents better connect with your children through sport!


Within the kits, you will find many useful bite-sized tips and information to get you starter on your journey towards being the best supporter of your child’s learning and development.


We have prepared kits suitable for general parents, as well as special editions just for preschoolers! Do check out the kits and let's get started on this journey!





GetActive!@Home Resources (7)


Begin your journey of becoming an Active Parent with our very own Active Parent Starter Kit! Learn more about how you can journey with your child with this fun and interactive resource kit.



GetActive!@Home Resources (8)


It is time to get active with your child and spend quality family time in celebration of National Day! Check out the range of resources and programmes that your family can do together right at home.






GetActive!@Home Resources (9)


Learn about Active Start and how it develops your child holistically, while engaging in some fun activities together!


Download Issue 1

GetActive!@Home Resources (10)


Begin your Active Start with an Active Chart and set aside time for daily physical activity with your child. Do so with the activities within!


Download Issue 2

GetActive!@Home Resources (11)


It is important as parents to be present, support and be a role model, so learn how you can do it while having fun together!


Download Issue 3

GetActive!@Home Resources (12)


Teach your child to overcome challenges in their early years of discovery and try out some obstacle courses activities!


Download Issue 4

GetActive!@Home Resources (13)


Build a strong family foundation and create stories together - start with getting active with your child!


Download Issue 5 (Special GetActive! Edition)

GetActive!@Home Resources (14)


The value of gratitude is important to learn from a young age - find out how you can practice it as a family!


Download Issue 6 (Special GetActive! Edition)

GetActive!@Home Resources (15)


Get active with your child and spend quality family time in celebration of National Day! Check out what your family can do together.


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My Active Parent Kit Introductory Video