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Nurture Kids

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About the Nurture Kids Programme

The Nurture Kids programme is a Sport Singapore flagship programme introduced in 2017. Based on the 5Es framework developed by Sport Singapore, the programme is specially designed to enable early childhood (EC) educators to help their preschoolers experience more physical activity and play time with outdoor learning or play opportunities. Since then, we have partnered more than 600 preschools to train their EC educators in teaching fundamental movement skills (FMS) for preschoolers aged 5-6 years.

Programme Objectives:

  • To increase opportunities for preschoolers to be physically active during their in-school hours and participate in broad-based FMS experience.

  • To help preschoolers develop a variety of movement skills to set the foundation for playing sport and enjoy physical activity for life.

  • To allow EC educators to observe and experience learning opportunities on how movement activities can be conducted for their preschoolers in their school environment.

Through the programme, EC educators will have opportunities to observe and learn from SportSG’s Nurture Kids coaches as they conduct a variety of movement activities and demonstrate how the 5Es framework may be used to deliver movement lessons for preschoolers.

Programme Overview:

In-school programme:

Pre-programme briefing

Prior to the programme, SportSG will conduct a mandatory briefing for principals and nominated EC educators.

In-school programme:

8-week in-school programme

Targeted at K1 and K2 preschoolers, the programme will be conducted in-school over a period of 8 weeks by a SportSG Nurture Kids coach. The programme will be held once a week within the preschool premises or vicinity. Each weekly session is 60 minutes long.

It is recommended for preschools to schedule the Nurture Kids programme to be conducted outside of their current motor skills development classes.

[Opt-in] EC educators who are keen to learn more about designing and conducting movement activities/lessons may indicate their interest at the pre-programme briefing. SportSG will organise a dedicated workshop for them after the 8-week programme.

Key pedagogical principles:

Guiding principles to facilitate movement

The 5Es framework was developed by Sport Singapore upon the principle that EC educators can facilitate movement learning in preschoolers by creating a positive and supportive learning environment. By adopting an approach that puts the preschooler at the centre and taking on the role of facilitators, EC educators can guide their preschoolers towards meaningful movement experiences.

The 5Es framework provides guiding principles to help EC educators design and facilitate positive and meaningful movement experiences for preschoolers. Through the Nurture Kids programme, our FMS coaches will demonstrate practical ways on how EC educators can adopt the 5Es framework to help their preschoolers develop competence, confidence, and a love for moving.



There are 3 programme intakes for 2024 - April, July and September. Registration for the programme will close two months prior to the start of each intake.

*Schedule subject to change

Low Qian Bei Belinda

Senior Centre Principal
PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Brickland Blk 810

The Nurture Kids programme has supported both children in their motor skills development (MSD), and teachers in advancing their MSD knowledge and skills. With continuous improvements made to the programme, the centre is provided with more flexibility to adapt the curriculum for its own use. Friendly coaches also provided advice (even during Covid period via virtual mode) to the centre and teachers. Lastly, parents also vouch for the programme through the improvement in the children’s MSD skills from participating in the programme. They also benefited from participating in the engagement programmes with their children.

Munirah Ahmad

Senior Centre Principal
PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Kembangan Chai Chee Blk 341

The Nurture Kids programme allows children to learn through play. Not only do the children enjoy themselves through the fun and interactive activities, they also develop and work on their gross motor skills. When teachers conduct the lessons, guidelines are provided to assist teachers in providing clear verbal cues that are simple and short for children to understand. The programme also assists teachers in providing regression and progression in the activities to meet children’s needs and abilities, especially for teachers who are not trained in motor skills development for children. This programme not only benefitted the children but also the teachers, thank you.

Nurdiana Binte Omar

Vice Principal
M.Y World @ Ang Mo Kio

The Nurture Kids Programme has garnered many positive feedback from educators and children throughout the years. The on-site sessions conducted by the coaches created opportunities for children to be introduced to Motor Skills Development skills in a fun and engaging way.

From the programme, educators learnt to be more conscientious in promoting healthy lifestyles to children. They also feel empowered and became more resourceful in planning and conducting physical lessons with the children, which cover various motor skills, regardless indoors/outdoors.

Additionally, children were also encouraged to lead an active lifestyle through healthy eating and exercising. They developed better social emotional skills and learnt the importance of healthy living.

Patricia Nai

M.Y World @ Leng Kee

The Nurture Kids programme has played a pivotal role in promoting social-emotional skills and fostering confidence in our children to perform motor skills in both indoor and outdoor settings. The programme effectively instills in children the significance of leading a healthy lifestyle, encompassing regular exercise and balanced nutrition. By cultivating teamwork, children learn to collaborate with their peers to achieve shared goals. Our educators have become more conscientious in promoting healthy habits, empowered to conduct engaging sessions with children, and equipped with enhanced skills to teach motor skills development lessons. They embrace opportunities to collaborate with external partners in planning meaningful activities. Overall, the Nurture Kids programme has had a transformative impact on both our educators and children, creating a thriving environment for growth, learning, and healthy development.

Nur Syafiqah Razuldin

K2 Teacher
7oaks Preschool @ Bukit Batok

Nurture Kids programme has children looking forward to lessons conducted weekly. They are excited to experience and master new motor skills. We have seen significant improvement in some children such as their balancing skills and movement abilities. Children are now able to move with confidence and are more engaged during motor skills activities.

Our instructor, Kavin, was able to make lessons engaging for children by incorporating stories and allowing them to use their imagination during activity times. Specific simple instruction was given by him throughout each class. Kavin showed patience when dealing with children who needs additional help by going through the demonstration with them slowly.

Overall, the Nurture Kids programme has developed our children's gross motor skills and improved their self-esteem in class!

Sharmila Sari Binte Ka’adailan

My First Skool @ Blk 180B Boon Lay

One of the most notable benefits of the Nurture Kids programme is its focus on holistic development. Through the wide range of fundamental movement skills and sport activities, children have not only improved their physical abilities but also developed essential life skills such as teamwork, resilience, discipline, and leadership. The programme's well-structured curriculum ensures a balanced approach to sport, incorporating both skill-building exercises and friendly competitions that promote healthy competition and sportsmanship.

The dedicated and highly qualified Nurture Kids coaches deserve special mention. Their passion for teaching and nurturing young children is evident in every session. They create a supportive and encouraging atmosphere where children feel comfortable taking risks, trying new things, and pushing their limits. The coaches provide constructive feedback, personalised guidance, and individual attention, ensuring that each child receives proper guidance according to their unique abilities and needs.