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With so many commitments and responsibilities demanding our time and energy every single day, it is only natural that we find ourselves desiring more time. Before we grasp the magic of creating more time, perhaps learning first to better use our precious hours – not only for the never-ending chores, but also for some me-time – is important.

Why do we need me-time?

If at the top of your head, you are concerned about not having enough time for chores or work, this is already a good reminder that you need a time-out!

Awareness of self-care is at an all-time high. We know it is important to invest in our health and well-being, and that it is all right to pamper ourselves every once in a while.      


How do we create me-time?

1. Acknowledge your needs. Get down to the basics – how much sleep are you missing, are you getting sufficient exercise, are you eating well? On top of these, think of what makes you joyful – do you have hobbies you had to put aside, have you been skipping activities with family and friends, are there people you miss hanging out with? Everyone has different needs, which is worth determining right at the start. 

2. Ascertain what is a practical amount of time you can take for yourself. We may have different priorities at different moments of our life. Decide how much time we can possibly carve out: on a daily basis, on a weekly basis, and which part of the year for a longer getaway. Then fill the timeslots with suitable activities. You may not be able to go on a vacation every other month, but surely, that afternoon tea with friends or a pampering spa visit is more viable.

3. Plan in advance. This takes a deliberate effort - to mark out your calendar, even if it is a short block of time on a daily or weekly basis. Inform your spouse and kids and have them respect this private time away from them – once they see your blocked timeslot on the calendar, they should know not to disturb you. Reschedule other engagements that may compromise this blocked time from materialising. Enjoy having this to look forward to on a regular basis!

4. Set a smoother path to your me-time. It is easy to override the planned break with unexpected chores that may pop up in the day. Clear such possibilities with deliberate rituals – switch off your laptop at an assigned time to avoid emails that may come in last minute to delay the start of your me-time, don’t procrastinate chores so that you can finish them on time, put your phone out of sight during the planned activity.

5. Get a like-minded friend to cheer each other on. On top of having someone who enjoys the same hobby, this is also to have someone you are accountable to, for committing to a time-out!

6. Create a me-time kit. If it’s going to be a regular activity, you will need tools and aids! This will also serve as a reminder of your self-commitment. Include a small prep kit with hand cream, hair bands, or brochures you picked up to learn more about the activity. Or home spa items like diffusers and essential oils.


Lastly, consider these simple activities for your me-time! They do not need to be strenuous or time-consuming.

  • Home spa or massage, with a good face scrub and mask that both mister and missus can enjoy

  • A short 5-minute meditation or breathing exercise after meals

  • Evening walks before or after dinner at your neighbourhood park or by the beach

  • 15 minutes for yoga, wall pilates or a foam roller to alleviate sore muscles  

  • A good book to accomplish reading a chapter at every time-out

  • Write in a diary or journal - one thing you are grateful for today

Remember, everyone needs me-time – there is no need to feel guilty about this. Take it as recovery from the daily stresses of life. By taking good care of ourselves, we are likely to feel better and in turn positively infect the people around us with our better mood and health.