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Singapore’s reputation as a Garden City is a hard-earned one, as creating and retaining green spaces in our urban planning has been put to action since the 1960s. You would have noticed more and more pockets of nature and park connectors over the years, but did you know that there are more coming soon for you to bring your kids to explore or for the whole family to enjoy together? Here are some on our radar.


2023-07_01Photo credit: NParks

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Mandai Wildlife Reserve (2023)

2023-07_02 MandaiPhoto credit: Mandai Wildlife Reserve

We know the “Singapore Zoo” is not new, but with the Mandai Rejuvenation Project, there will be effectively five zoological parks, including Bird Paradise, Singapore Zoo, River Wonders, Night Safari, and a brand new Rainforest Wild.

Jurong Eco-Garden (2024)

2023-07_03 JurongPhoto credit: JTC

On the west side of Singapore and within the Jurong Industrial District, a rejuvenated Jurong Eco-Garden will integrate the district’s green spaces with a green network of linear parks and park nodes, offering residents new amenities such as a playground, fitness corner and refreshed footpaths.

Alexandra Nature Park (2025)

2023-07_04 AlexandraPhoto credit: NParks

Labrador Nature Reserve in the southern part of Singapore is the nature reserve closest to Singapore’s financial district, characterised by two rare and unique habitats – a coastal hill forest and a rocky shore. A new Alexandra Nature Park – slated to be completed by 2025 – will be part of the new Labrador Nature Park Network, offering a curated walking and hiking trail through a natural forest valley. Forest enhancement works will also strengthen ecological connectivity between Labrador Nature Reserve and the Rail Corridor.

Orchard Road Green Connection (2025)

2023-07_05 OrchardPhoto credit: URA

Putting the essence of orchards back into our famous shopping district is a transformation of the shopping belt into an urban green corridor by 2025. A 6km Orchard Road Green Connection will link the Singapore Botanic Gardens, Istana, Fort Canning Park and Singapore River. To cater to families, part of the new Istana Park can be transformed into a rustic nature playgarden for children to explore and interact with nature. In addition, there can be a water play area with undulating topography amidst a lush natural setting. Further expanding the area’s green space, our 1.3-hectare Istana Park will be redesigned to fuse with the existing Dhoby Ghaut Green and Penang Road Open Space.

There are definitely more green spaces and developments in the pipeline, so keep your eyes peeled to plan your future family outings!