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What’s better than one family getting active and fit? Many families working together towards their own fitness goals, and sharing their fun ways to do it!

To gather authentic experiences of how families get active together, and get even more families geared up for an active and fulfilling 2024, Active Parents’ ‘Parenting Diary: 2023 Moments, 2024 Goals’ campaign received an overwhelming number of motivational and inspirational submissions. Many active families came forth to share three of their active family memories from 2023, two active resolutions for 2024 and one active parenting tip.

Here is a spotlight of some entries from the Active Parents community, that we hope will spark off inspiration for you to strengthen family bonds through sport and physical activities!

Madhuri & Family

Memories - Madhuri

Core memories - Camping | Paddle boating & kayaking | Running
Madhuri went paddle boating and kayaking as a family for the first time, and the experience was extra exciting for them as it was their first time doing it with their daughter too!

For parents who are keen to explore water sport with their little ones, we recommend checking out the Water Sports Centre, located along the Kallang Basin, which is open to the public with canoes and kayaks available for rental.

1. To go on a short hiking trip, with the kid!
2. To resume their “rain or shine active Sundays” thrice a month with long or community walks.

Active Parenting Tip
Plan or schedule different activities keeping in mind everyone's interests and strengths. (Don’t forget to pack balanced and weather/activity-appropriate food!)

Nurhidayah & Family

Memories - Hidayah

Core memories – Walking | Football | Cycling
This family made their getting active a big family affair, with football for the kids and their cousins, and also cycling on National Day. If you are looking for an activity or venue that can accommodate several families, remember to sign up for ActiveSG membership to enjoy the programmes and facilities available.

1. To make family weekend walks more regular, at least twice a month.
2. To try out a new activity with the kids, like rollerblading!

Active Parenting Tip
Include ideas and suggestions from everyone - the kids can suggest a new park to explore, and parents can be more open minded to try out new sport activities.

Tan Joo Ann & Family

Memories - Joo Ann.

Core memories – Running | Cycling | Hiking
Hiking was a go-to activity for the couple before they had kids, and a spontaneous hike in Malaysia revived that passion. They had brought their kids along on the hike and were surprised to see how much they enjoyed the experience! Joo Ann is thankful that the kids shared their passion and love for the outdoors and will continue to organise more adventures soon!


For families who love hiking too, don’t miss out our recommendations on the 7 Family-friendly Hiking Trails in Singapore you can explore.


1. To introduce pickleball, a new sport which the couple has picked up, to their daughters and make it a family activity

2. To plan more weekend cycling trips.

Active Parenting Tip
Play is the ultimate motivator for kids – turning everything into a game gets them excited to try whatever comes their way. (Don’t forget to up the fun for adults too!)

Wee Chin Min & Family

Memories - Chin Min

Core memories – Active Parents’ event | Camping & kayaking event | Hiking trip to Malaysia
Mass outdoor events seem to be the thing for this family, trying different activities, socialising with fellow active families and even gathering their neighbours for a hiking trip together!

1. To go outdoors as a family at least twice monthly. Check out our tips on Cultivating Your Kids’ Interest in the Outdoors.

2. To encourage more friends with children to join in the family’s exercise routine, so that the children can interact more with one another and be motivated to head outdoors more often.

Active Parenting Tip
Explore different places to exercise before weekend dinners. Engage in different sports that the children like such as cycling, swimming, ball games, hiking, rollerblading, etc., to motivate them to go outdoors more often. Don’t dismiss mass events such as those organised by ActiveSG. Also love the family – this is the cornerstone of a stronger family relationship!

Shawn Tham & Family

Memories - Shawn

Core memories – Swim for charity | Cycling | Rollerblading

Shawn decided to make getting active as a family a more meaningful experience for his family. With their passion for swimming, they swam and completed a total of 168 laps as a family to contribute to charity! It was a fun and meaningful activity, especially for the children.

1. To anticipate more cycling adventures and explore more of Singapore including Labrador Park and Marina Bay.

2. To break the family’s lap record in another swim-for-charity event.

Active Parenting Tip
Encourage the children to do more sport by starting them young. And of course, motivate them with a yummy meal at the end!


It’s never too late to start cultivating an active family culture – you try out what these active parents have done, or create your own unique family memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.