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ActiveSG Athletics Club


Are you looking for a way to keep your kids active and engaged while developing fundamental skills?

ActiveSG Athletics Club offers fun yet challenging training programmes that are specially designed by professional coaches to improve your child’s health, fitness, coordination and overall movement skills such as running, jumping and throwing. Aside from motor control, our programmes seeks to develop character and inculcate values that encourages character growth.

Designed for pre-schoolers and youth, our Seasonal Programmes provides age-appropriate instruction through fun and engaging games. With centres located throughout Singapore, our programme is accessible and convenient for all.

For those looking to develop their distance running skills, our Distance Running Programme is the perfect fit. Whether you're a seasoned athlete or a beginner, our programme offers sport-specific skills that can be developed for leisurely or competitive purposes. No prior experience required!

For individuals with Intellectual Impairments, our ActiveSG Intellectual Impairment Programme is tailored for participants to learn the basics of Run, Jump & Throw. With this programme, your child will learn valuable skills while staying active and having fun.

Whether you would like your child to experience athletics at an entry level or embark on a pathway to excel in it, ActiveSG Athletics Club is the right place for you!



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