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ActiveSG Water Polo Academy


With the introduction of ActiveSG Water Polo Academy, water polo training is now more accessible and can be enjoyed by many boys and girls at different training centres around Singapore.

Benefits of playing Water Polo

Active Lifestyle

Combining water polo training to existing P.E classes and school-based CCAs can promote the holistic development of a child. Research has shown that children who plays multi-sport display improved health and wellness, including decreased injury rates and improved athletic performance. Being part of a team allows children to sort through their strengths, weaknesses and develop teamwork skills leadership skills and teamwork, better attendance in school and better academic performance.


Whether it’s a team or leadership position, in playing water polo, children will learn about themselves and how to work with other members in the team. This could be as simple as allowing different players to lead warm-ups before practice, or rotating the captain of each game. In ActiveSG Water Polo Academy, we believed in giving opportunities for players to participate in leadership roles where they can step up, lead an activity or project and as a result, become more confident in themselves and leading others, and in turn develop skills that will support them in life.

Character and Values Education

We believed in playing water polo is a great way to develop character and values among young children. They get to learn about goal setting, time management, how to care for other team members, acquire the discipline for hard work and a positive mind-set.
During training and game play, children are placed in situations where they are required to identify a play situation, quickly adapt to the situation and work through them. Through hard work during training and game play, children gain more confidence, build relationship with fellow team members, learn about sportsmanship and how to persevere through adversity, that can lead to better coping skills, and critical thinking skills when they’re met with challenges at school or at home.

Social Interaction

Playing water polo can help children expand their social network, make new friends that allows them to develop better social skills such as communication, active listening, and empathy. The fact that water polo is a team sport means that water polo there are more opportunity to make new friends, and to be more involved in decision making process from a young age. This helps children fostering values like sportsmanship, dedication, respect, and healthy competition, among others.

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