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Stick holding and posture in floorball

Floorball stick holding and posture

In floorball, the main equipment a player uses is his or her stick, thus making it important to handle the stick with the proper technique.

Holding the stick
There are two types of sticks,  one with the blade open to the left and the other to the right. Usually the side of the chosen depends on whether you are left or right handed. Most floorball players use a left stick because they are right handed. However, the stick should be chosen based on which side feels more natural.

Previous experience with other sports might affect how you hold the stick. For example, field hockey players tend to choose a right stick. A good way to help the players choose which side they should go for is to place the stick in front of the player and ask him to pick it up with just one hand. If the person picks it up with the right hand, it would be advisable to start playing with a left-sided stick.

The top end of the stick is held from the side, around the shaft, with the palm covering the whole shaft. The hand holding the top should not be too tight, leaving a bit of space in the palm. The other hand should go at the end of the shaft grip. However, the exact position of the bottom hand, the distance between both hands, and tightness of the grip are matters of personal preference.

Achieving the right posture

To take on a defensive position, players without the ball usually hold the stick off the ground, turning sideways and using their body to corner the player on the ball. It is also important for defenders to lower their balance point during this position as it allows a quicker reaction and provides better stability during body contact.

Feet during an attacking position are shoulder-width apart, with knees bent in and body weight placed on the toes. It is also important for the back to be straight. This posture prepares the player for a sprint with the ball when attacking.

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