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The rise of Singapore muay Thai


As the Mixed Martial Arts scene continues to grow in Singapore, so does the number of Muay Thai gyms sprouting up around the island. 

A good part of this growth could be down to more opportunities being offered by the Amateur Muay Thai Association of Singapore (AMAS) to budding fighters looking to learn and excel in the sport said Vincent Chew, a fighter from Impact MMA.
“More people want to join and fight because they want to test themselves. Also, more people are joining the martial arts. I remember a year ago when I was the only one in school who did it and everyone else was only talking about MMA. Now, they also learn Muay Thai or Boxing and MMA. It’s growing quite fast,” said Chew.
AMAS has been actively promoting Muay Thai as a sport in recent years, and the growth in the local scene is testament to their good work. They do not plan on stopping any time soon. 

The Singapore Management University (SMU) held the sixth edition of the Muay Thai Open Invitationals last on 31 August 2013. Fighters of all ages and from more than 10 local gyms came to compete in the amateur competition. 

The event hosted a total of over 30 fights throughout the day, with fighters taking part in categories that were best suited to their competency level. The novice fight was a total of three rounds of two minutes, while the amateur fight was a total of four rounds of two minutes.

Gain Experience

Local gyms tend to send in their amateur fighters to gain more experience and exposure by competing amongst other local gyms. Intra-gym sparring and fights are very common and fighters do not learn as much as they would in inter-gym fights. 

“I think this event is good but could be even better if it was held more regularly, so that more local talents can be showcased. These amateur fighters could even turn professional one day if they are given the exposure and are seen fighting by talent scouts.” quipped Andy Neo, a fighter from Impact MMA. 

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