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Popular strategies in squash



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As with every sport, there are many theories in squash that players employ to better their chances of winning the game. Here are some of the most popular and commonly used strategies favoured by experienced squash players.

Dominating the T

This is one of the most widely used tactics in squash. The T refers to the point where the half court line and the short line on the ground of the court meets, and it is the best position for the player to retrieve the opponent’s shots as it is in the middle of the playing area. Dominating the T allows the player to be in a central position to reach any shots without having to move around too much, and players who successfully execute this strategy are often the winners of the game.

The best way to dominate the T is to volley as much as possible during a round, and use low drives. Players should return a shot, and quickly move back to the T as soon as the shot has been executed, returning the next shot from this position. Even if the ball ends up nearer to either side wall, the player will not have to move as much compared to if he was standing somewhere else.

The player should therefore take the first shot – be it if he is a server or receiver – with the intention of making the opponent run to retrieve his shot from a back corner. Once done, the next move the player should make should be to volley the ball low, above the tin, which forces the opponent to run to the front court.

Make the opponent cover more ground

Using the most basic of squash shots, the straight drive, the player should aim to hit the ball towards the side walls and back corners, before rushing back to the T to receive the opponent’s shot.

The player should also use drop shots, as it ensures that the opponent has to move around more to retrieve the shot and usually drives the ball into the front court. Boast shots are good for players who wishes to deceive and confuse the opponent about the direction of the ball.

By using these shots and dominating the T, the player will usually be able to wear down the opponent, thus giving himself a higher chance of winning the game.

Changing the Direction of the Shot

Another good strategy that players can use is to change the direction of the ball after he has volleyed several times, so that it makes the game less predictable. One way of changing the direction is to keep using straight drives or drop shots, before abruptly switching to a cross court shot after using a boast shot. The cross court shot involves hitting the ball from the front court, from right to left or vice versa.

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