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Terms used in Squash



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Like many ball games, squash has a set of vocabulary that is unique and hard for novices to understand. Here is a list of the most commonly used terms, and what they mean.

American Scoring

American scoring is the name of a scoring system in squash, where both the server and receiver can score during a game. This system is also known as the point-a-rally scoring system.


If a player feels that the opponent committed obstruction or interference, he can appeal to ask for a let or stroke.

Foot Fault

A foot fault is called when a player does not have at least one foot inside the service box when serving or walks out of the service box before the service.


A game is won by the first player to reach nine points. However, depending on the organising body, some games might require players to score up to 15 points before they are considered the winner.

Hot Ball

This refers to a squash ball that has been struck repeatedly, hence ‘warming up’ the ball so that it becomes hot. A hot ball tends to have more bounce after being warmed up.


An interference occurs when the referee deems that a player has failed to give his opponent a fair chance by intentionally blocking the opponent’s view, physically obstructing his way or crowding the player.

International Scoring

In international scoring, only the server can receive points.


A let occurs when the referee determines that there has been intentional obstruction or interference, and it will result in the point being replayed.


A stroke is awarded by the referee in the event of interference or obstruction, and results in the player winning the rally.


This refers to a shot that is very close to the side walls.

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