In the world of sports, where dedication, discipline, and determination intersect, stories of triumph and growth unfold. The journey of Gary See, a father with a passion for sports and two aspiring athletes, Keagan and Keane, is a testament to the power of parental involvement and unwavering support in nurturing young talents.


A Shared Passion for Sports

Gary, a devoted father at 46, has always been a fervent sports enthusiast. His love for sports ignited a desire to see his sons, Keagan and Keane, embrace athleticism. Both boys, aged 12 and 11 respectively, are studying at Rosyth School. Their journey into the realm of sports commenced at a tender age of 3, when they embarked on an exploratory path through football, wushu and swimming lessons.


Having fun during football lessons at a young age (2017)


Trying their hands at wushu (2019)


Embarking on a Swimming Odyssey

The swimming journey officially began in 2015, when the boys were introduced to water confidence. However, it was not without its challenges. The boys' initial reluctance and tears during private lessons required a leap of faith. In 2018, formal swimming lessons were introduced, focusing on essential life skills and water safety.


Learn-To-Swim lessons (2018)


Keagan's competitive streak emerged, urging them to consider competitive swimming. In 2019, the boys started competitive swimming and the rigour of almost daily training sessions tested their dedication. The road was challenging, as many of their peers had a head start in competitive swimming. It was a reminder that in the pool, as in life, perseverance and determination could bridge any gap. 

With their idol, Joseph Schooling (2019)


Rising Through Challenges

As their journey progressed, Gary witnessed his sons' development firsthand. Competing in many  competitions, they experienced both victories and setbacks, each contributing to their character development. The setbacks taught them resilience and the ability to endure even in the face of illness or injuries. Their discipline, responsibility for their swim gear, and maturity grew, attributes that extend beyond the pool and into their daily lives.


Poolside with the boys after their training at Akibasan Swimming Pool in Wakayama, Japan (2022)


National School Games 2023: A Display of Grit and Achievement

The pinnacle of their journey came in the National School Games 2023 (NSG 2023), where Keagan and Keane showcased their incredible growth and determination. Competing in different divisions, they achieved commendable results in various events.

The stage was set, the challenges immense, yet Keagan and Keane stood unwavering, showcasing their unyielding growth and indomitable spirit at the NSG 2023. Keagan, competing in the B Division, secured commendable results in the Freestyle, the Backstroke and the Relay events.

Keane, in the C Division, achieved admirable results in the Butterfly, the Backstroke and the Relay events. NSG 2023 will forever stand as a testament to their triumphs, igniting the fire of aspiration in young hearts and reminding us that with perseverance, we can achieve the extraordinary.


Keagan swimming the 3rd leg in the NSG 2023 B Division 4x50m Free Relay (2023)


Keane in the NSG 2023 C Division 50m Butterfly Finals (2023)


With their medals and B Division trophy (4th) from the final day of NSG 2023


Their medals from NSG 2023 


Parental Involvement: A Pillar of Strength

Gary's involvement in his children's athletic journey is a cornerstone of their continual progress. The family's united front, embracing the challenges and joys of the sport, fosters an environment conducive to growth. The family's regular presence at poolside, discussions on technical aspects, and shared experiences further strengthen the boys' bond with sports. Their active participation, coupled with camaraderie among swim parents, creates a supportive network that nurtures the swimmers.


Lessons for Parents

While Gary plays an active role in supporting his children's sports aspirations, he recognizes the importance of balance. The family's commitment to academics and holistic growth underscores that excellence transcends the pool. The lessons learnt from their journey—resilience, discipline, responsibility, and teamwork—form a robust foundation for their future endeavors.



Family picture on the final day of NSG 2023 


A Journey of Triumph and Growth

The narrative of Gary, Keagan, and Keane illuminates the transformative power of parental involvement and unwavering support in fostering young athletes. Their journey not only exemplifies the virtues of dedication, discipline, and determination but also underscores the significance of platforms like the National School Games in shaping the next generation of sporting excellence.



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(Photo credits: Gary See)