SNOC Award PresentationFrom left to right: Mr Chris Chan, Secretary-General (SNOC), Mr Suhaimi Fafdi (Our Tampines Hub), Mr Ng Ser Miang, Vice-President (IOC)


Singapore, 21 December 2020 – The Singapore National Olympic Council (SNOC) presented the 2019 IOC Trophy ‘Sport and Sustainable Architecture’ to Our Tampines Hub today.


Every year since 1985, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) presents an IOC Trophy with a different theme, according to current trends. The 2019 theme – Sport and Sustainable Architecture – recognises organisations which promotes sustainability and clean energy in architectural work, programmes which educates and empowers the young in protecting the environment or those whose sporting initiatives focus on protecting nature and the sustainable management of biodiversity.

 The design and practices of Our Tampines Hub have earned the plaudits of the SNOC and IOC. Mr Chris Chan, Secretary-General of the SNOC, presented the IOC Trophy to Mr Suhaimi Rafdi, Senior Director at Our Tampines Hub, earlier today.

 They were joined by IOC Vice-President Mr Ng Ser Miang who said, “We are very impressed with the design and thought process behind Our Tampines Hub which centred on championing eco-sustainability, optimising resources and minimising waste. The result of this multi-agency managed community hub has created a functional lifestyle hub with superior sporting facilities for the community to enjoy. We hope Singapore continues to create more of such facilities for future generations, a space where they can live, enjoy sport and protect the environment.”

 Mr Suhaimi Rafdi, Senior Director of Our Tampines Hub, said: “We are honoured to receive the distinguished 2019 IOC Trophy for ‘Sport and Sustainable Architecture’. At Our Tampines Hub, we believe that we can build a more eco-sustainable society through green practices and championing a sustainable way of life. Given its scale, OTH is an ideal development to function as an eco-living laboratory through the adoption of various environmentally-friendly and smart technologies that will help create green, liveable common spaces for everyone.”



Our Tampines Hub (OTH) is Singapore’s first and largest integrated community and lifestyle hub that brings together multiple agencies to offer a comprehensive and diverse range of services, programmes and facilities.

 This Hub is led by People’s Association and is located at the former Tampines Stadium and Tampines Sports Hall. Residents and visitors enjoy a variety of sports facilities, a bigger regional library, countless community club programmes and amenities, arts programmes and facilities, a hawker centre, retail shops and many more user-friendly features.

 The development represents a new community-focused model which is celebrated through meaningful engagement at all levels, building a robust identity for Tampines and a truly sustainable community.

 OTH champions eco-sustainability and no effort has been spared in optimising resources and minimising waste. It is also used as a huge testbed for innovation and technological initiatives designed to improve people's lives and support a greener planet. Its workings of a sustainable ecology extend beyond daily consumption and recycling of resources to include the programming and activation of the entire development.

  • Construction using recycled materials: Green and recycled materials such as demolition materials collected from the former stadium and sports hall as part of the Hub’s ground-up recycling initiatives used in the construction.
  • Maintenance of artificial turf pitch: The Town Square and Arena do not have natural grass, thus no grass cutting nor water irrigation is required and hence, zero waste is generated.
  • Lighting efficiency: Lightings at the Town Square and Arena have different settings, providing different intensity of illumination to cater for different modes of use - recreational, events, competition, broadcast - which will result in different levels of energy savings. The lighting circuits at the Community Auditorium and Team Sports Hall are based on the court layout, allowing for lighting to be switched on for only courts that are in use, thus saving energy.
  • Ventilation: The Hub’s open-design concept allows for natural air circulation which will reduce the need for mechanical ventilation and reduce energy usage.
  • Public Education: The Hub actively promotes youth volunteerism with the purpose of peer engagement and eco-sustainability advocation through its various programmes such as free organic fertiliser and harvest giveaway, participation in eco-wellness programmes, eco-community garden tours and farming / vertical farming initiatives,
  • Public Events: The Hub actively organises events that aim to raise public awareness of sustainable and environmentally-friendly initiatives such as used sports shoes donation drives and eco-green fashion showcases.
  • Eco-Ambassadors: Sports ambassadors serve as active sustainable leaders in the conduct of sporting programmes within the Hub, such as using drinking fountains instead of bringing disposable plastic bottles, bringing own towels as opposed to paper towels, and the efficient of use of water at showering facilities.