Singapore�s latest Sports Talkshow, turns its focus on the element of Sports Volunteerism.

Over the recent weekend, more than 800 volunteers from Team Nila, Team Singapore and SportCares, responded to an urgent activation by Sport Singapore. This was to support the government's Mask Distribution Islandwide Exercise, in light of the Corona Virus situation in the country.

In Episode 11, we throw the spotlight on the Volunteers who responded almost immediately and discuss the idea of helping and providing assistance for a major cause. On the show, we speak to Pauline Lee (Team Nila, HQ) and Mdm Candi Tan (1st-time Volunteer, Team Nila). They're joined by Team Singapore athletes Shaheed Alam (Tennis), Jen Goh (Golf) and Wayne Kwan (Jiu-Jitsu). And completing the lineup is Patrick Paranjody (Senior Executive, SportCares) and Pravin Raj (SportCares Youth)