Singapore�s latest Sports Talkshow, turns the spotlight on WINTER SPORTS!

Over the last few years, our Team Singapore winter-sports based athletes have worked extremely hard, to qualify and compete (for the very first time) in Major Games like the Winter Olympics, Winter Youth Olympic Games, SEA Games, ISU World Junior Short Track Speed Skating Championships etc. Through their passion, determination, grit, confidence and sacrifices, their efforts have helped re-define the Republic as just "a tropical island".

They might appear to be a small and niche group of athletes, representing Singapore in ice skating, figure skating and ice hockey. But rest assured, their achievements and medal-winning performances, have garnered praise and recognition from the international community. So can WE truly grow to become a regional powerhouse in winter sports?

Well to hear more of their achievements, struggles, sacrifices, dreams and vision, catch them on Episode 13 of SG Sports Uncut!

Appearing on the show are:
Diane Foo (President, S'pore Ice Hockey Association, SIHA)
Alvin Chan (Asst Coach, SG Men's Team)
Sheena Yap (Captain, SG Women's Team)

Alicia Tan (Sec Gen, S'pore Ice Skating Association)
Trevor Tan (Team SG Short Track Speed Skater)
Pagiel Sng (Team SG Figure Skater)

In PART 3, we talk to SISA regarding Winter YOG, SEA Games 2K19, Current events in 2020 etc