Singapore�s latest Sports Talkshow, turns the focus on GYMNASTICS!

It's been 15 years since the Republic last won an Individual Gold medal in Gymnastics at the SEA Games. And even though, we've seen our national athletes bring home medals (of other colours) from the recent editions of the biennial Games, Singapore are still ranked lower than the top 3 performing nations in the region.

In 2019, the Philippines created history when 19 year old Carlos Yulo won gold at the Artistic Gymnastics World Championships. In doing so, he became the 1st ever gymnast from Southeast Asia to become a World Champion!

How long will it take Singapore's gymnasts to grow and develop into world-beaters? Do we have the resources and systems in place, to aid our athletes in their quest for glory and success?

Well to hear more of their challenges, struggles, sacrifices and vision, catch them on Episode 16 of SG Sports Uncut!

Appearing on the show are :
Karen Norden (General Manager, Singapore Gymnastics)
Gerritt Beltman (Coach, SG Women's Artistic Gymnastics Team)
Terry Tay (TeamSG Gymnast)
Tan Sze En (TeamSG Gymnast)