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Unlabelled Run 2024

Unlabelled Run 2024

Labels do not matter but people do. Drop the Label, See the People!

Labels do not matter but people do. Negative labelling can limit one’s potential. Unlabelled Run (UR) aims to raise awareness about these labels and advocate the removal of prejudicial labels in our society.

 Unlabelled Run by The New Charis Mission (TNCM) advocates the removal of prejudicial labels in our society, and that “Lives Impact Lives” where every member of society has strengths that play a part in building our society. People who are unfairly labelled can suffer from being stigmatised, discriminated against and even sacrificed as scapegoats.

It is a clarion call to Singaporeans that we must unite to build an inclusive, cohesive, and compassionate society. In 2016, TNCM launched the Unlabelled Run which has since evolved into the Unlabelled Movement, to strongly carry forth the message that labels do not matter but people do. Every ‘labelled’ individual, with sufficient support and encouragement, can aspire to be a significant contributor in society. We encourage ‘labelled’ individuals to be resilient and shake off the labels stuck onto them by others.

The theme for UNLABELLED RUN 2024 is Drop the Label, See the People. With the emphasis on the importance of unlabelling, it enables individuals to redeem dignity, maximise potential and recognise contributions. Unlabelled Run aims to encourage Youths, Elderly and Ex-offenders to embrace their uniqueness, as well as encourage society to refrain from labelling them or any others for that matter. Every individual’s innate potential is limitless and negative labelling can stifle and snuff out that potential!