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Walk into Life

Walk into Life

Walk in Life - A celebration of courage, strength, and unity. 🌸 As we gather for the Mid-Autumn Festival

Join us in our efforts to spread compassion and unity, as we walk together under the gentle glow of the moonlit sky on 30th September 2023, at Bedok Reservoir. This Mid-Autumn Festival 🌕, we gather not only to celebrate traditions but also to ignite conversations through various activities, that have the power to change lives. At the heart of this event is a cause that resonates deeply with us—mental health awareness, support, and well-being.

In a world where the challenges of mental health affect countless lives, our steps matter more than ever. Each footfall becomes a powerful statement of empathy, a gesture of support, and a beacon of hope. As our lanterns light up the night, they symbolize the light we wish to bring to the lives of those who may be facing darkness.

We firmly believe that by walking together, we illuminate the path toward understanding, compassion, and healing. In sharing stories and experiences, we break the silence that often shrouds mental health issues. By creating conversations, we help to diminish stigma and replace it with understanding and acceptance.

Let's make a difference—together, through fostering connections, and lighting the way toward a brighter, more empathetic world, together.