Golf is often referred to as “a game for life”. It involves a continuous process of learning and improving in order to get better at the game.


Many adults enjoy golfing for health, social and even career benefits. But in recent years, junior golf has started to take off in Singapore too! Keep reading to discover five reasons why young golfers are enjoying the sport.

  1. Exercise

How large do you think a typical golf course is? The average size is between 100 to 200 acres of land! Naturally, golfing involves plenty of walking across the green, making for some light cardiovascular exercise.

Golf will also train your coordination skills and muscle strength as you move your body to swing the golf club and fly the golf ball towards your target – which could be miles away.

  1. Relax in the great outdoors

Golf gives us a great reason to step away from school books, computers, desks and a plethora of other habits that tend to keep us indoors.

Golfing outdoors brings a wide array of health benefits, such a better mood, absorption of Vitamin D, and even an improved sleep cycle!

Being on a beautiful and sprawling green golf course can also be incredibly relaxing and stress-busting – perfect for students juggling lots of school work.

  1. Wholesome family time

Want to gather all generations of the family together for some precious bonding time?

Golf is a sport that children, parents and even grandparents can enjoy safely with low risk of injury.

What’s more, you can purchase golf clubs in different sizes for players of all ages. This means that everyone can have their own club and enjoy the game without any limitations.

  1. Quality me time

On the contrary, if you are in search of some quality “me” time, golf could be the solution for you too!

Venture out alone on a golf course; focus your thoughts and energies on yourself, your club and the ball; and simply let the noise of other people fade away.

It’s so calming and relaxing that some golfers describe it as a meditative experience!

  1. Unlock networking opportunities

Ask anyone which sport is played by the most businessmen around the world, and their answer would most likely be… golf.

The golf course is one of the best places to network with your future colleagues, bosses and business partners. This sport could give you a headstart and unlock amazing benefits for your career.

It can take years of practice to master the game, so if you aim to impress, there’s no better time than now to start working on your skills!

Looking to catch some golfing action?

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